Designed for Leftists, Your Freedom Will be Their Misery – Your own Slavery Is Their Pleasure

This post was originally published simply by Brandon Smith at Alt-Market. us

There is a certain amount of madness required to reach their state our country is in these days. I think most of us feel this particular and know this but I wish to dissect the situation a little to ensure that we can see the guts from the thing and understand the technicians of it. Insanity has a framework, believe it or not, and there are ways to evaluate it and identify this. For example , there are many forms of craziness that stem from a good obsession with power plus control.
In my previous article ‘Is There A Way To Prevent Psychopaths From Getting Into Positions Associated with Power’, I explored the particular thinking patterns and deceptive habits of the worst 1% of humanity and how they will insinuate themselves into expert by blending in (until they have all the power with no longer need to blend it). Now I want to talk read more about the OTHER unstable people, the particular 5%-10% of the population that will psychopaths exploit as a mafia or army to scare everyone else into conformity plus help them achieve their own goals.
To be clear, nearly every group can become an exploitable weapon used by psychopaths. There were times in history where the elites within the Catholic Church utilized zealotry among Christians in order to dominate society to the point associated with torture and terror throughout the inquisitions and crusades. Throughout the George W. Bush-era I recall well the lies regarding WMDs used to herd Conservatives into pointless wars within Iraq and Afghanistan. Nevertheless , that is the past. Today the issue of zealotry is resoundingly on the side of the political remaining.
That is to say, the political still left is now the side that is the majority of appealing to narcissists, sociopaths, the particular emotionally unstable, etc ., which attraction is forming the mob that can be easily used by the establishment.
What I discover interesting is that leftists really believe that THEY are the underdogs and they are fighting a “revolution” against the establishment. This is a weird disconnect from reality. Every single major institution of energy and influence in the US can be on the side of the political still left. How can you be rebelling contrary to the establishment if all your ideals coincide with the establishment’s plan?
The mainstream media plus Hollywood have gone tough line in favor of leftist propaganda from critical race concept to the trans agenda plus identity politics to feminism to socialism and centralization. Nearly every commercial, TV show, plus movie we see these days reflects a far-left point of view or far-left imagery, although the majority of the population has no curiosity about woke ideology. Clearly, leftists and their friends within media think that if they drive their cultism into people’s faces non-stop 24/7 that individuals will eventually capitulate plus embrace it.
Big Technology and major social media systems ALL operate according to leftist politics. All of their terms associated with service rules are unplaned to protect leftists from critique and to censor conservatives plus any moderates that care to speak up. The evidence overwhelmingly shows a left-leaning bias in Huge Tech censorship with very conservative being booted off platforms for free more than citing facts. All of us saw this recently along with Marjorie Taylor Greene, the Georgia GOP representative, who had been banned from Twitter plus called a “far-right conspiracy theory theorist” for posting hyperlinks to the VAERS database.
For all those unfamiliar with VAERS, it is a data source run by the US federal government to track the adverse effects associated with vaccinations including covid shots. While the numbers have been altered in the past (which the CDC states were due to “reporting errors”), VAERS has still documented thousands upon thousands of fatalities and side effects directly associated with the covid vaccines, however, you aren’t supposed to know about that will. So , Greene gets booted from Twitter for publishing the government’s own information, which is now only obtainable if you go through a maze of links to get to the particular downloads.
Social media is also widely used as a weapon by leftists in order to “cancel” people that walk out of line. An American Air carriers pilot was attacked immediately by a Twitter mob if a crazed feminist recorded pictures of his luggage. Their crime? A small sticker in the suitcase which said: “Let’s Go Brandon. ” The girl and her Twitter cohorts called for the pilot to become fired and American Air carriers is “investigating” the issue.
This really is just one instance among countless numbers in the past few years that demonstrate the sheer rage leftists feel when they are confronted with a free-thinking person. Their particular immediate reaction is to penalize and destroy rather than acknowledge and move on.
But exactly where does this mentality originate from?
I think it’s a combination of the culture of narcissism plus collectivism coupled with a eager desire for weak people to really feel as though they are powerful. Leftists are very commonly people you may call the “runners-up” in every area of your life. There are a lot of malcontents and socially inept failures in their rates that grow up feeling helpless. Instead of improving their great deal by improving themselves plus achieving something of advantage, they instead blame other people and the world for their insufficient accomplishment.
This mentality may also be seen with their academia which frequently exaggerates their own importance as well as the importance of their accolades. You can get a master’s degree within social sciences or feminist studies, but how helpful is that person to the entire world really? Being an activist on your own is not a career and they generate nothing, so the only way of measuring their education and their particular life is how much they can kill, not how much they can develop and create.
Joe Rogan’s newest move from Twitter to GETTR is another big tale that leftists are dropping their minds over. They will act as though they would like to be rid of conservatives plus argumentative moderates from their “safe spaces, ” but in truth this does not satisfy all of them. They don’t want all of us to walk away, they want all of us to conform. They want all of us trapped within their echo compartments and going along to obtain along, or, they want all of us erased.
Leftists see individuals as property of the group, and if you and millions of other people walk away this reflects terribly on their ideology, which is undesirable. This is why they are CONSTANTLY assaulting or trying to take down traditional social media platforms. You would believe they would be happy that will GETTR exists, but they are usually miserable. Your freedom will be their misery.
Think about that will for a moment; there are numerous leftists out there that are unable to abide by your existence in case you are free to express your displeasure with their narrative.
When May well Rogan contracted covid the particular leftists were jittery along with excitement hoping he would perish. When he beat herpes in less than three days without having to be vaccinated they cried out there in horror. It’s as though they don’t realize that many unvaccinated people have had herpes and have easily survived this (I had covid to get a week and then I was good – I will NEVER obtain vaccinated).
Maybe they are conscious that the vaccines are mostly unnecessary. Maybe what really disturbs them is that the unvaxxed are usually free and do not conform to the particular mandates or the fear-mongering? Probably they are more concerned about the particular act of defiance instead of any issues of genuine “health safety”…?
And this provides me to the relationship between majority of government and the politics left, which are working together to push forward covid controls and vax requires. I’ve said this just before and I’ll point this out again – There is absolutely no longer any debate regarding who the authoritarians actually are. If you want to be free from overt federal government intrusion and tyranny you visit a conservative red condition. If you want to be a slave in order to bureaucracy you go to a modern blue state. Red claims value individual freedom – Blue states do not. This really is undeniable.
Leftists are not the particular rebels they think they may be; they are not the heroes – They are the villains. They are the disposition.
I believe the vax require agenda in particular appeals to their own innate desire for control over other people. This is evident in their crazed rhetoric over the vaccination concern. The LA Times simply published an Op-Ed titled ‘Mocking Anti-Vaxxers’ Covid Deaths Is usually Ghoulish, Yes – Yet May Be Necessary’ (originally titled ‘Why Shouldn’t We Dance To the Graves Of Anti-Vaxxers? ), and it’s this kind of bloodthirsty propaganda that truly uncovers the extend of the politics left’s broken psychology.
They need you to die for heading against the mandates. They appear to think that covid is their own avenging angel, but this particular only shows that they are as well dumb to understand basic technology or too malicious to consider rationally.
The Biden Management has been a key element in fear-mongering over the covid pandemic, that has an average Infection Fatality Price (IFR) of 0. 26% to 0. 27% based on dozens of peer-reviewed studies, and today with the even less dangerous Omicron strain, the death price is plummeting further. The particular overwhelming majority of people have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to fear from covid, however leftists readily rally close to Biden and his medical tyranny.
Furthermore, the bias (or ignorance) of the LA Moments is made clear when we go through the actual data for Discovery Cases. Breakthrough cases are usually covid infections and fatalities among fully vaccinated people. As a point of reference point, in the state of Ma alone there have been over 262, 000 fully vaccinated folks who still ended up infected along with covid and 1054 deaths according in order to official numbers. That is contamination fatality rate of zero. 4%, which is HIGHER than the particular national average IFR associated with 0. 27%.
The most vaccinated countries in the world are also struggling with the worst infection surges in the world. In Ireland, for instance , over 63% of recent covid deaths were fully vaccinated individuals. In Israel, almost 60% of covid hospitalizations are fully vaccinated. Uruguay, Bahrain, Maldives, and Chile all have overwhelming vast majority vaccination rates and all of all of them have seen spikes in covid deaths and infections. Based on the UK government’s own statistics, people who are triple vaxxed are 4. 5 times more likely to be infected with Omicron than people who are unvaxxed.
The typical vaccine is tested pertaining to 10-15 years before it really is approved for use on humans, yet covid vaccines had been released within months without long-term testing to demonstrate their safety. It makes sense for people to be concerned.
Therefore , I would ask the hackers at the LA Times: Ought to we be dancing on the graves when you die through covid despite all those remarkable untested vaccines? Or maybe once you end up dead and on the particular VAERS list due to shot side effects? Autoimmune disorders may take 2-4 years to gestate and be identified by physicians; maybe in 2024 you will be wishing you had used a wait-and-see approach to the particular untested vaccines like all of the smart people are doing?
This really is called logic, reason plus science. The above data is usually beyond the mental understand of many leftists and even if they do get it they disregard it. They have no fascination with protecting your health or the wellness of the public, that’s not really what this is about. The actual care about is control plus nothing would bring them a lot more joy than to see completely conformity and slavery for their ideals. They live vicariously through tyranny.
The outbreak paranoia, the lockdowns, the particular mandates, Big Tech, social media marketing, cancel culture are all way to an end. Leftists pretend they may be humanitarians that care about more suitable good, but this is a act. It’s just another excuse in order to justify a deep-seated desire to micromanage the life of others.
A classic tactic associated with narcissistic sociopaths is to victimize and terrorize people, after that accuse them of being creatures when those people snap back plus rebel. They are projecting their particular tyranny on the rest of all of us and label us the particular bad guys. It’s time to finish the theater and contact leftists what they really are – They are the dictators they state they are trying to fight. The posting For Leftists, Your Independence Is Their Misery – Your Slavery Is Their particular Joy first appeared on SHTF Plan – When It Strikes The Fan, Don’t State We Didn’t Warn A person.

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