Biden: Rulers Response to the Banking Crisis is ‘Not Over Yet’

Joe Biden seems hellbent on destroying the United States dollar, what’s left of it anyway. The tyrant said that the ruling class’s response to the banking crisis is “not over yet.”

According to a report by Reuters, Biden said on Tuesday his administration had done what was possible to address the banking crisis with available authorities, but added the White House response on the matter was “not over yet.”

“We’ve done what we need to do executively. I feel confident things are settling out. The markets seem to be responding,” Biden told reporters before departing North Carolina to return to the White House.

Asked if his administration had exhausted its unilateral moves, short of congressional action, to address stress in the banking sector, Biden said: “No, it’s not over yet. We’re watching very closely. I think my team has handled it very well so far. And rather than get ahead of myself here, I think let’s let things move the way they are.” –Reuters

“I’m not sure whether we get much legislative change. But we’re looking at that as well,” Biden said. The failures of Silicon Valley Bank and, days later, Signature Bank, set off a broader loss of investor confidence in the banking sector that pummeled stocks and stoked fears of a full-blown financial crisis. The Biden administration quickly adopted a series of emergency measures to protect depositors in the two banks, while the Federal Reserve provided additional liquidity to help banks across the sector cover depositors’ needs.

Unfortunately, what no mainstream media talking head, or ruler will tell us is that we are all going to pay for the intentional crashing of the banking system.

Expect Higher Inflation Amid Banking Crisis

We will pay the hidden tax via inflation. We will also be stolen from at a higher rate as the dollar continues to lose its value, transferring the wealth, as always, to the top of the political chain. The ruling class will always have enough, but somehow we are the ones who have to continue to give to serve it. Wake up, slaves. It’s going to get ugly if we continue to ignore the reality that government is slavery.

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