Are WHO Climate Lockdowns Coming?

The proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (“IHRs”) and the Pandemic Treaty both incorporate the “One Health” approach. This scheme will give the World Health Organization the “power” to initiate “climate lockdowns.”

While vague and confusing, the language of the One Health scam is a tool to create networks and combine efforts toward centralizing power and control, which is always the goal of all masters everywhere.   Once that central power has been achieved then similar measures that were imposed in response to the COVID plandemic can be used for climate change, loss of biodiversity, human diseases, vector-borne diseases, and much more, according to the Daily Exposé.

The WHO’s Director Dictator General Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesus will be able to forcibly control where and when humans all over the globe are allowed to leave their residences. Until people stop believing in the myth of power and authority, this could be all of mankind’s future. And they now have the artificial intelligence to make it a reality.

The BIGGEST Lie Most People Still Believe

One of the biggest and most notable changes the WHO has seen in its 75-year history is a shift from funding from sovereign nations to funding from private entities.  As of now, the bulk of the WHO’s funding comes from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and two closely aligned vaccine-based non-profits funded by vaccine and pharma companies, the vaccine alliance GAVI and the Global Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations or CEPI.

Bear in mind, that is also no coincidence that the Gates Foundation is the second largest funder of WHO, which is also helping to fund WEF.

WHO’s “Pandemic Treaty” will not only be concerned with pandemics. It introduces globally the “One Health” ideology. The concept recognizes the interdependence of human and animal health and the connection with the environment. Through this One Health agenda, WHO will have the power to make decisions in matters relating to the environment (including greenhouse gas emissions, pollution, and deforestation), animal health (e.g., livestock), and human health (including vaccinations, social determinants, and population movement). With these extended powers, WHO could readily declare a climate or environmental emergency and enforce lockdowns. –Daily Exposé.

The One Health Commission claims that One Health is a “ray of hope for addressing our global challenges” and lists 14 “global challenges” including food, water safety, security, soil health, and “comparative biology.” It doesn’t just include “people” and “animals” for control, but plants, waterways, and entire ecosystems.

We can stop this, but it’s going to take a lot more people willing to drop the illusion, stop participating in the system, and most importantly, the “enforcers” to realize they are helping sociopaths enslave the human race.

Abolitionists Understand True Freedom: It’s Time For The Rest Of Us To Understand It Too

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