Another Train Derailment: Diesel Spills Into River

Transport company CSX says one of its empty coal trains derailed Wednesday after striking a rock slide in West Virginia. The crash caused a fire and spillage of an “unknown quantity of diesel fuel and oil” from its locomotives into the river.

CSX said the crew members are being “treated for non-life-threatening injuries” and “preliminary information indicates that all four of the train’s locomotives and nine empty coal cars derailed.”

“The derailment injured three crew members, caused parts of the train to catch fire, and sent at least one locomotive and one fuel tank into the New River,” the West Virginia Emergency Management Division said in a statement, adding that public water systems downstream and local health departments have been notified, according to a report by Fox Business. 

CSX said that the derailment does not pose a public safety risk, even though there’s an “unknown amount” of diesel fuel being carried downstream in the New River.

“An unknown quantity of diesel fuel and oil spilled from the derailed locomotives and environmental measures will be deployed in the New River for containment,” the company added.  “There were no hazardous materials being transported by this train. The incident posed no danger to the public,” CSX also said. “We greatly appreciate the swift actions of the local first responders in Sandstone that rendered aid to our valued crew members.”

This is just another “coincidence” in the long line of “coincidences”.

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“The company is sending a spill response unit that will coordinate with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection on mitigation and remediation efforts,” it added.

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