Another Crazy Tyrant Wants A “Truth Commission”

Another day, and another tyrant that wants the ruling class to tell everyone what the government-approved truth is. We are already living in a dystopic slave state where people are silenced for disagreeing with their masters, but it could still get worse.

We already know the mainstream media is ready to propagate the enhanced slave state for the ruling class, but now, government officials are not hiding the fact that they think they own you. And that includes your thoughts, reasoning, and emotions.

Calls For Censorship & A 1984-Style “Ministry of Truth” Coming From MSM

Rep. Sara Jacobs (D-California) has suggested a “truth commission” to tackle “racial injustice” and “white supremacy” in the US, as well as holding “far-right media” and others accountable for the US Capitol riot.

Jacobs floated her idea while appearing on CNN’s ‘Reliable Sources’ on Sunday and said the reason for this “truth commission” proposal is because “we haven’t really done the reckoning with the racial injustice and white supremacy of our past that we need to do.” –RT

As for what exactly this truth commission would look like, the California Democrat described it as “communities all the way up to the national level having conversations about the gory and glory of our history,” including the January 6 riot at the center of the impeachment trial, and these bodies ultimately creating a “common narrative of what we want our country to be.”

They fully intend to manipulate, brainwash, and ensure your compliance to the slave state. Wake up. We need to ask ourselves if these people have a higher claim over our life or property than we do.  They sure think they do and they want use to serve them.  It’s obvious.

We have to start uniting and standing up for each other because these tyrants want only one thing: power and control over as many as possible.  Hopefully, as humanity grows and continues to see the blatant slavery under the name of government that has crushed so many people worldwide, we can come together and unite without these ruthless psychopaths trying to dictate our every thought.

This is blatant. Government is slavery and democracy is mob rule. Wake up and start to understand that no one makes a rightful master and no one can vote you a slave. Government is illegitimate. It always has been and always will be because no one has any right to be a master and no one has the moral obligation to obey any other human.  The sooner we collectively figure this out, the sooner we can be free. It starts in the mind, which is why they are coming for that.

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