6 Fully Vaxxed Wedding Guests Caught The “Delta Variant” OUTSIDE, And 1 Died

The mainstream media and ruling class are trying to continuously tell us that the COVID-19 “vaccine” that is actually an experimental gene therapy, is “effective.” But 6 fully vaccinated wedding guests managed to catch the “delta variant” outdoors, and one of them died.  That, apparently, means the vaccines are working.

Don’t take my word for it. Read the entire propaganda piece by Business Insider here. Apparently, the American vaccines “work” the best because those who caught the “delta variant” and lived got the Pfizer or Moderna shots. There were two serious cases, including one death: an attendee who’d had India’s Covaxin vaccine. Based on this new propaganda, my speculation is that there is something in the Pfizer and Moderna injections that they want people to get in their bodies, what is anyone’s guess.

This “small outbreak” is being reported as vaccine success by the rulers and media. A small outbreak that underscores how effective US-authorized vaccines are against even variants of the virus. Yep. The “vaccines” are so effective, that 6 fully vaccinated people got the delta variant OUTSIDE. That doesn’t even make pretend sense, but they are demanding we believe it. Critical thinking is not that common anymore.

The preprint study from Baylor College of Medicine found that only one person who’d gotten an Indian-made vaccine, Covaxin, died after attending the 92-person wedding near Houston.

The wedding took place in a “large, open-air tent” before the Delta variant was circulating widely in the US. Guests were required to be fully vaccinated at the event, though that policy operated on the honor system. –Business Insider

Catch that? The “honor system.” That’s not going to be good enough, is what they are telling us. However, let’s apply some more critical thinking. If the 6 guests were the only ones who got COVID’s delta variant after the wedding were fully vaccinated, what does that say? Nowhere does it admit that unvaccinated guests got it. And if they were all vaccinated, where did the delta variant come from?

Here’s their “answer” if you can even call it that:

The study’s authors said they suspect the Delta variant was introduced at the wedding by two people who had traveled from India and tested negative before their flight but developed symptoms in the US. All the COVID-19 patients said they’d had close encounters with those two people during the wedding, according to the study. –Business Insider

But don’t their precious tests detect COVID-19 even in asymptomatic people?  This story gets more puzzling the more you read. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s website even says:

Because of the current situation in India, even fully vaccinated travelers may be at risk for getting and spreading COVID-19 variants.

So again, what’s the point of the shot then? It must not work. But this article says it works because people still got the delta variant after taking the shot and one even died. Nothing really makes sense, almost as if this was made up to make people feel better about taking the shot that they know won’t do anything to protect them. This feels like a straight-up piece of state-funded propaganda designed for only the dimmest of slaves to accept.

But this is their angle now. We’ve presented this before:

MSM Tries To Convince The Public Deaths From COVID After Being Vaxxed Means The Shot Is “Effective”




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