We Belong To It – Ray Mears in Northern Ontario

“We must remember that in the end nature does not belong to us, we belong to it.”

This film explores the visual beauty of the Boreal forest landscape, but also delves into Ray Mears’ reflections on nature and his mastered skillset in bushcraft. Follow Ray Mears as he journeys into the heart of Wabakimi Provincial Park in Northern Ontario, Canada.
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WINNER – Best Canoeing Film, Reel Paddling Film Festival 2015

WINNER – Best Canoeing Film, Waterwalker Film Festival 2015
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Director/DP: Goh Iromoto
Original Music: Michael Hyer
Sound Recordist: Kaydi Pyette

Editor/colour: Goh Iromoto
Assistant editor: Jason Kraus
Motion designer: Jason Smith @ Upstate Post
Re-recording mixer & sound editor: Joe Barrucco @ Timeline Audio

Logistical Coordinator: Steve Bruno

Location & Guide Support:
Wabakimi Canoe Outfitters
Bruce Hyer
Margaret Wanlin
Michael Hyer
Brenda Zwicker
Bert Zwicker
Becky Mason

Special Thanks:
Paul Pepe
City of Thunder Bay
Northwest Ontario
Ontario Parks
Rapid Media
Scott MacGregor

This film was produced by Northwest Ontario & Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corporation.

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