Solo Wild Camping OVERNIGHTER w/ ATV in High Winds

Alone in the woods, ATV Camping Overnighter with high winds and lots of bugs. Had hamburgers over the campfire for supper, bacon and coffee in the morning. It was a great time overlanding or off-roading around the woods and checking out some new sites for future camping trips. I was also testing out a new tent and backpack. So far really liking them.

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00:16 Intro – ATV Camping
02:47 One Tigris Tangram Tent setup
07:15 Building a campfire pit
09:53 Cooking Ham Burgers over the campfire
13:50 Relaxing by the campfire
15:28 Listing to the sounds of frogs in the bog
18:58 Campfire cooking Bacon and coffee

My videos involve ATV Camping, off road, Overlanding, off grid, Bushcraft, camping, campfire cooking, fishing, shelter builds, off grid, primitive technology, wilderness survival, outdoor skills. Bushcraft gear like axes, knives, saws, backpacks, clothing systems, shelters and cooking gear.

#atvcamping #camping #bushcraft

Gear List of things I’ve used in many of my videos:

Helikon-Tex Shirt, Pants, Fleece, Jacket, Backpack

Rock Rooster Footwear

Agawa Boreal 24” Saw

Überleben Zünden Fire Starter

Überleben tinder wick
Tindår Wick & Bellow

Überleben Lore Kuksa
Lore Kuksa | 12oz

OLight flashlights/ headlamps

Bushcraft Knife (Ray Mears Woodlore Clone)

Pomoly Tent Stoves

Pomoly HEX Teepee Hot Tent

Pomoly Hot Shelter Baker Tent

Pomoly Titanium Grill

Bitty Big Q Compact Retractable Grill


Bitty Big Q Titanium Mug 450 ml with Lid and Cutlery Set


Java Moose Coffee

Mengrills Pressure Cooker

OneTigris OUTBACK Retreat Camping Tent
Amazon UK:
Amazon US:

OneTigris ROCUBOID Splicing Stove

OneTigris Iron Wall Chimney Tent

OneTigris Kompound Hammock

OneTigris Portable Camping Chair

BULWARK Rain Fly Camping Tarp

Unigear Hexa Tarp

Unigear Camping Stove

Unigear Titanium Cup
100% Titanium Camping Cup 450ml

X-Dragon Solar Charger 40W

X-DRAGON 25000mAh Portable Power Bank

Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Outdoor Knife with Sandvik Carbon Steel Blade

Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set 24oz Stainless Steel

BAHCO 396-LAP Laplander Folding Saw, 8-Inch Blade, 7 TPI

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