Ray Mears and the Path of Grey Owl

“The question is not what we get out of nature, but what can we give back to nature.”

The Path of Grey Owl is a new film by Goh Iromoto. It follows world-renowned woodsman Ray Mears through the wilderness of Temagami, Canada as he explores the path of acclaimed author and conservationist Grey Owl (also known as Archibald Belaney). While reflecting on the landscape that shaped Grey Owl into the person that he was, Ray further delves into Grey Owl’s message about protecting our wilderness, and explains why this is still so relevant and important in our present day.

For more information on Grey Owl, please visit: http://blog.raymears.com/2016/01/06/ray-mears-on-the-legend-of-grey-owl/

For your chance to win a trip to Ontario with Ray Mears as your guide, please visit: http://adventure.travelontario.co.uk/win/

To view more of filmmaker Goh Iromoto’s work, please visit: http://www.gohiromoto.com/

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