3 Days Bushcraft Shelter Camping: Processing Tinder, Survival Skills, Wild Forest Camp, DIY, ASMR

Wargeh Bushcraft Camping

How to processing amadou tinder – horse hoof fungus. Primitive survival shelter, Winter Wild camping, wilderness, log cabin, campfire cooking, off grid, asmr, diy, survival skills.

3 days bushcraft camping in the woods with my dog. The weather was foggy and rainy. I’m going to my bushcraft shelter that I built earlier. I strengthened my shelter on the first day. Then I made the campfire pit to give it better heat. I processed a tinder fungus i found in the woods. I cover the roof with tarp to protect my shelter from rain. I prepared some tasty camping meals for the 3 days that i was there. It was an epic 3 days, a camping trip to remember for sure! Thanks for joining me on the adventure!

My videos cover Bushcraft, winter wild camping, fishing, shelter, off grid, log cabin, primitive technology, wilderness survival and outdoor skills, bushcraft gear like axes, knives, saws, backpacks, clothing systems, shelters and cooking gear.

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