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Plate Carrier Placards Overview: Part 2

Editor's Note: In yesterday's OFFGRIDweb-exclusive article, we shared Part 1 of our deep dive into the subject of plate carrier placards. If you haven't...

Plate Carrier Placards Overview: Part 1

The market for plate carriers, chest rigs, and modular plate carrier placards has seen unprecedented growth in the last 10 years. We still remember...

Review: Steambow AR-6 Stinger II Crossbow

Throughout history, the archer has been treated as a superior warrior, as his considerable training, physical strength, and expertise at the efficient operation of...

Coming Soon: Blade Show West in Salt Lake City

Knives are one of the most fundamental tools for any survival situation, but beyond that, they're invaluable for everyday tasks. We never leave home...

New: OKC Ti22 Equinox Folding Knife

Top-shelf S35VN steel, a titanium frame-lock, a deep-carry pocket clip, and a smooth-opening flipper mechanism — these are all ingredients found on many of...


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