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First Look: Magpul & Maztech X4 Smart Rifle System

In the early days of aviation, fighter pilots navigated with a magnetic compass and aimed their guns with iron sights. Today, that's almost unthinkable....

First Look: Valhalla Tactical ODA Weapon Light Switch

Valhalla Tactical is a company that doesn't have the same brand recognition as big players in the flashlight market like SureFire, Streamlight, Modlite, and...

First Look: Trailblazer Pivot 9mm Rifle

At SHOT Show 2022, we ventured into the basement in search of hidden gems. If you've ever attended the show in Las Vegas, you'll...

New: DripDrop Powder Fights Dehydration Faster

We’re always skeptical of the next “energy drink” or supplement that touts itself as a restorative solution for fatigue, heat, illness, etc. One of...

First Look: Holosun PID Weapon Light

Although SHOT Show 2022 officially begins tomorrow, today at Industry Day at the Range we got our hands on something brand-new for the first...


[SHOT 2022] Unity Tactical Comp FAST Mount, Omni FAST FTC Mount And Others

At this years’s SHOT Show Unity Tactical showed some of the new mounts coming our way. They recently came out with COG series and...

[SHOT 2022] TNVC Artemis – A Modern Ball Detent Goggle

I remember seeing an early prototype of TNVC’s Artemis at the last SHOT Show. This has been the pet project for Augee Kim, one...

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