Best Water Bath Canners To Store & Preserve Your Extra Produce

Best Water Bath Canners On The Market Today Are you worried about a food shortage in the future? Now is the time to start preserving...

Best Suture Kits For Life Threatening Medical Emergencies

How To Find A Survival Suture Kit That’s Right For You Your skin is the largest organ in your body and it holds you together...

Best Survival Movies List

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Pocket Preps: Brass Knuckles / Knucks

Call them what you want — brass knuckles, knucks, knuckle dusters, brass paper weights, and so on. You know what they are when you...

New: GiantMouse ACE Nibbler Folding Knife

As much as we enjoy full-sized folding knives with 3.5-inch blades, they occasionally feel like overkill for many daily tasks. Sometimes, all we really...

Preps of the Pros: Contributing Writer Patrick Diedrich’s EDC Gear & Go Bag

Patrick Diedrich Residence: Hancock, Upper Michigan Occupation: Writer and amateur blade/blacksmith Patrick's EDC Gear What is your general approach/philosophy for everyday carry tools? What do you see as...

Preps of the Pros: OFFGRID Editor Tom Marshall’s EDC Gear & Go Bag

Tom Marshall Current Occupation: Editor, RECOIL OFFGRID Magazine (To read more about Tom's background, including his time as a U.S. Army Captain and independent contractor in...

Review: Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Power Station

Every day, we take for granted the ability to access a virtually-unlimited supply of electricity. It keeps our food cold, our homes warm, and...


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