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HFT Survival Knife Review

The HFT Survival Knife is marketed as a versatile tool designed to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists alike. With a range...


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Gear Up: New Survival Gear For August 2023

Tuff Possum: The Entry Kit NOTES Imagine something as simple as small, interlocking metal bits keeping you or your loved ones from food, medical supplies, or...

Toughest AR-15 Upper: Apocalypse-proofing Your Bugout Carbine

What do nails, woodpecker lips, and wild west hombres have in common? They’re all tough. Which is exactly the quality you want from the...

New: Rossi R95 Lever Action Rifle

Whether it's a 1969 Camaro, a Led Zeppelin album, or a nice bottle of whiskey, some things don't lose their appeal with age. The...

How to Plan and Pack Your Go Bag

You want to be prepared for hardships, but also realize not everything is a cataclysmic event. There may be serious trouble on the horizon...

Review: Valhalla Tactical Baldr SOL and HRT AWLS Weapon Lights

Light is an essential aspect of self defense and home defense. Many violent crimes occur under cover of darkness, and if you can't see...


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