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What You Must Look for in a Survival Knife

Must Look for in a Survival Knife | In survival situations, when you are alone and vulnerable, your survival knife is your partner who...


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New Survival Gear in OFFGRID #45

DECKED Tool Box Compatibility: Select truck model years, including the Ford F-150 and Toyota TundraMSRP: Starting at $700URL: decked.com DECKED made a name for itself thanks...

IFAK vs Portable Medical Kit: Scaling Medical Gear

Battlefield medicine has made leaps and bounds through improved infrastructure and a near-universal deployment of the IFAK or Individual First Aid Kit.  As a...

Bag Loadout: Urban Communications Kit

As an electrical contractor with an interest in emergency preparedness, I’ve realized that there are a variety of events that could interfere with our...

NFC Tag: A Close Look at Near Field Communication Technology

Sticky notes provide a quick and easy way to write down snippets of important information — phone numbers, addresses, appointments, website URLs, and so...

IR Illuminator: Part of a Complete Night Raid

There is a great difference between having access to night vision goggles and being truly night capable. When talking about armed preparedness, the next...


Hands-On: Crimson Trace Hardline Pro 6-24×50 FFP MIL ILL Scope

Down in Refugio, Texas at Bridle Iron South Training Facility the crew of TFB and TFBTV were onsite to try out some ATN and...

Celebrate Friday, October 22nd (RUGER DAY) With TFB

Happy RUGER (10/22) Day everybody! As a lot of you know, rimfire is one of my favorite subsections of the firearms world and I...

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