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Video of the Week: Field Tested Nemo Helix Shower Kit

Just because we enjoy going off-grid, and spending extended periods without the conveniences of home, doesn’t mean that we enjoy being dirty. Long days on the trail are taxing, and having a quick way to rinse off the sweat and sunscreen at the end of the day is often a luxury worth making room for in your rig.

When it comes to staying clean in the backcountry, there are a handful of great options on the market, including the Nemo Helix Shower Kit. The Helix consists of an inflatable plastic bladder that can be filled with water and then pressurized with a foot pump. The attached hand-held shower wand lets you spray yourself down, but it can also be used for other cleaning tasks, like washing mud off of vehicle windows, your pets, or spraying soap suds off of your dishes.

A simple backcountry shower like the Helix can also be a great alternative or a backup to more complex mechanical water systems on extended trips.

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