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Video of the Week: Alibaba One-Wheeled Electric Motorcycle

Maybe you’ve been thinking motorcycles aren’t dangerous enough, or that it’s far too easy to balance on two wheels. If so, then maybe the Alibaba one-wheeled electric motorcycle is for you.

I don’t see this as the next round-the-world form of transportation that can pretty much fit in your carry-on luggage, but it might be a great commuter, if you’re in for some heart-stopping action on the way to work.

Alibaba one-wheeled electric motorcycle

And speaking of stopping, how good is this thing at doing that on its one and only 22-inch single tire? Where’s the brake? At your foot or handlebars? With a top speed of 30 mph, does it matter? Don’t you just use your feet?

Alibaba one-wheeled electric motorcycle 2

Okay, 30 mph is plenty of speed to cause a bone-breaking problem, but at least the midget ‘bike’ weighs less than 90 pounds—you can probably kick it out from under you fast enough and walk away.

The Alibaba one-wheeled electric motorcycle has 2,000 watts of power that the manufacturer says can go for 35-60 miles on one charge. Charging time is between 3-12 hours (quite the discrepancy.)

I don’t know, guys—I’m thinking this electric unicycle is cheaply built and would explode on impact. What are your thoughts? Cute? Dorky? Ridiculous? Exhilarating?

Let me know in the comments below.

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