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Overland News of the Week

TOYO Trunk Shape Toolbox T-190 SV

In the ongoing search for vehicle organization solutions, the Japanese-made T-190 SV steel toolbox from TOYO is a lightweight and sturdy option that stacks nicely within larger gear containers. These simple metal boxes are pressed from a single piece of steel which means that they have a clean, seamless appearance. And if this rectangular shape isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry. TOYO makes a large variety of other styles.

Bonus: They come in a large variety of colors, allowing you fancy overlanders to color-match them to your rig.

$10.56 | TOYO

Yamaha EF2200iS Generator

Occasionally, you may want more power than a solar electrical system (or vehicle alternator) can produce. For instance, running high voltage appliances like an induction cooktop, microwave, or air conditioner. And while none of these items are required equipment for overlanding, some folks may still want to enjoy these luxuries in the backcountry.

The simplest solution for continuous-output AC power when you are off-grid is a gasoline-powered generator. The EF2200iS from Yamaha is a great option, with a 2200-watt surge and 1800-watt continuous AC output rating. It can power *many high-draw appliances including some small air conditioners. Its 1.24-gallon fuel tank can run 1/4 of its maximum rated continuous AC load for up to 10.5 hours. It also has a built-in carbon monoxide detector and an auto shut-off feature.

It should be noted that this generator produces 56-65 dBA of noise. We recommend that anyone relying on a generator for their electrical needs be conscientious of the impact they may have on other travelers who are in the vicinity.

*Surge power ratings are not continuous-duty. Make sure to check the continuous power output needs of your specific appliance before selecting a generator.

$1199 | Yamaha


Matador SEG30 Segmented Backpack

Organization is a crucial part of being able to quickly locate specific pieces of your kit when you are traveling. The SEG30 backpack from Matador makes this easy with its multiple zippered compartments which have a combined volume of 30-liters (from the top down, they measure 4, 6, 8, and 12-liters).

The backpack also has a full clamshell compartment that allows users to split the overall volume depending on their needs. For instance, start with your clean items occupying all four of the compartments and gradually move dirty items into the clamshell compartment. The SEG30 weighs 690 grams, is carry-on compliant with most airlines, and has a variety of Hypalon tie-down points for securing it in your truck or on the back of a bike.

$149.99 | Matador


Satsang Van Works Custom Window Jams for Arctic Tern Windows

When building out your campervan, there are dozens of time-consuming tasks to tackle. Why not give yourself a break and speed things up by utilizing these pre-formed Satsang window jams. They were developed in partnership with Tern Overland to fit their range of Arctic Tern windows. Each kit consists of an inner and outer trim ring both made from unfinished wood.

$106+ | Satsang


Devos Outdoor LightRanger

When it comes to setting up lighting at your campsite, the Devos Outdoor LightRanger makes it a quick and painless task. This rechargeable high-powered LED lantern boasts 1200 lumens of output, has a 16-hour run-time, and comes with a telescoping pole that can be staked into the ground for added stability. The pole is adjustable from 39- to 104-inches and the lantern can also be used as a USB power bank to charge other devices.

$139 | Devos Outdoor


Osprey Heritage Simplex Backpack

The heritage line from Osprey backpacks is a collection of gear that harkens back to the original designs and colors that made them one of the most well-loved pack makers in the outdoor space. Their Heritage Simplex backpack offers a mix of everyday and technical features to deliver a well-rounded classic.

It is constructed from a mix of 500- and 1000-denier recycled Bluesign-approved nylon that is treated with a PFC-free DWR water-repellant finish. Inside, the 20-liter pack has a padded 15-inch laptop sleeve that doubles as a pocket for a hydration bladder. Outside, a central daisy chain and an ice-ax loop allow this pack to hold its own on quick mountain adventures.

$130 | Osprey


Mr. Heater 1-pound Propane Refill Adaptor 

One of the biggest issues with using the green 1-pound propane tanks that fit many two-burner stoves is that they are nearly impossible to recycle. Once empty, they often pile up in the garage or get tossed into a landfill. But the good news is that they can easily be refilled at home or in the field with one of these 1-pound refill adaptors from Mr.Heater.

Simple use the adaptor to connect your green tanks to a larger 5-pound propane tank, and voila! Your green tanks are refilled and ready to hit the trail. Your wallet and the planet will thank you.

$18.70 | Mr.Heater


Patagonia Wood-burning Stove

I feel like compact wood-burning stoves toe the line in terms of practicality for camping and overlanding. Nonetheless, they do work, and if you are in a location with ample fuel and you have the time to collect it (and you have the patience to maintain a fire), these little stoves can hold their own against white gas or iso-butane canister stoves.

Patagonia’s compact stainless steel wood stove works like a chimney, pulling oxygen in from its lower vents to intensify the burning of wood or pellets and produce a low-smoke cooking flame. It has three textured pot supports, breaks down into three pieces for storage, and weighs a diminutive 9.2 ounces. Boiling a liter of water takes approximately 16 minutes.

$99 | Patagonia


Durston Gear X-Mid 2P

Durston Gear is a cottage-industry outdoor equipment company that was founded by designer Dan Durston in Golden, British Columbia. As an avid hiker and adventurer, Durston has over 20 years of experience on the trail and in the backcountry. He has put this knowledge to use designing ultralight tents that utilize trekking poles to provide structure and save weight in your pack.

The X-Mid 2P is the two-person version of his exceptionally well-reviewed original X-Mid tent. Made from lightweight yet strong sil-nylon, the X-Mid 2P utilizes unique geometry to create a comfortable interior space with a minimal pack-weight – just 40-ounces including the stuff-sack and tent stakes. This double-wall tent provides excellent versatility. Users can pitch the fly independently for a super-light setup or use the inner bug-proof tent body combined with the fly for the ultimate comfort and protection from all of the elements.

$300 | Durston Gear

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