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Overland Classifieds :: 1995 Mitsubishi Montero 5-Speed

I can’t take it anymore—the sleepless nights, the constant lying to myself, the weight of the guilt. It’s time to come clean. My name is Jack Mac, and I’m obsessed with the latest overlanding modifications and accessories. I continually talk myself into upgrading the Syncro, but the truth is, I could’ve explored Central Asia the day I bought it (please don’t tell my mum). It’s only on the road that you’ll understand what you actually need, but pre-departure, it’s all too easy to spend a fortune on things you don’t. That’s why I love today’s classified: an affordable, all-terrain vehicle that’s ready for adventure the moment you take the keys.

This Mitsubishi Montero is largely stock but showcases some tasteful suspension upgrades, and more importantly, thorough servicing. Excessive overland modifications and accessories may look cool, but are sometimes detrimental to real-world performance. Lift kits, huge wheels and tires, engine remaps, auxiliary lighting, etc., all have a knock-on effect, and despite what some owners like to think, they don’t always know better than the manufacturers. In my experience, most seasoned long-term overlanders keep their vehicle as light and as close to stock as possible, while highly modified rigs tend to be more for shows and weekend excursions. In the case of this $6,000 Montero, money has been spent on maintaining its stock form rather than changing it. Understated, reliable, affordable, and oozing 1990’s charm—what’s not to love? 

From the Seller 

 “This 1995 Montero LS 5-speed has been my much-loved weekend camping and touring rig. It’s also the last year Montero that featured the cool dash with the grab handle in the US. I do not [take] this truck off-road, but I do take it down unpaved roads with a dirt bike on the hitch. I built this truck to blend in, so no flashy bumpers or big wheels; I even left the surface rust on the chrome bumper for effect. My absolute priority was maintenance, ensuring the suspension was set up correctly for a comfortable ride, and ultimately, having a reliable vehicle. 

I’ve taken this on multiple 1,000-mile-plus road trips, and it simply soaks up desert highways, thanks to the cruise control and air conditioning (the air conditioner and heater work perfectly). I’ve never had any overheating issues, even in the Mojave when it was over 115°F in stop-and-go traffic. The interior is as good as it gets for this age, and the exterior is nice from 10 feet away, but up close, you’ll see pinstripes and sap residue. There’s some surface rust on the frame, but otherwise, it is completely solid. I’ve done most of the work on this truck and have not run into a single seized bolt. It also passed its smog test with flying colors a couple of months ago and will have no problem passing again if need be (I think the smog test is good for 90 days). A pre-purchase inspection was just completed by Oceanside Motorsports. They noted that the truck is in exceptional condition with a few minor problems, which are [stated] below.”


 24-valve 3.0-liter 6G72 engine

V5MT1-6 transmission

Factory 4.636 gearing, Super Select with a center locking differential

Open front and rear differentials (owner also owns a donor truck with a rear locker and 4.636 gearing, also on offer)

New motor and OEM clutch at 190,000 miles

Complete timing belt service at 244,000 miles (timing belt, tensioner, water pump, associated seals, etc.)

New upper and lower ball joints

New front wheel bearings within last 5,000 miles 

New CV axles

Four new 265/75R16 Firestone Destination AT2 tires on 4- x 16-inch Montero Sport wheels.

Stock 15-inch spare wheel (the owner also has stock 15-inch alloy wheels which are also for sale) 

Third-row seating included 

Bilstein 4600 shocks 


Reported Issues:

Power locks don’t work; locks can be pushed down manually.

Front differential and transfer case output shaft are leaking fluid. 

A few small dents and scratches 

Tape residue on driver-side rear passenger door from when the window was taped up.

Five chips in the windshield. Safelite has checked them, but they said they’ve already been filled. The chips have been there since I got the truck in 2018 and haven’t expanded at all (the glass is OEM Mitsubishi).

This Mitsubishi Montero is listed for $6,000 (with stock wheels) and is currently located in Carlsbad, California. Check the full vehicle specifications via the original Expedition Portal forum post here.

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