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Destinations :: Cumberland, British Columbia

On the east coast of central Vancouver Island, British Columbia, you’ll find Cumberland, a gateway to Comox Lake 60 miles northwest of Nanaimo. What makes Cumberland and its 3,000-plus residents unique is the welcoming community and world-class recreation possibilities.

Comox Lake

Comox Lake Cumberland

Unlike other touristy stops on Vancouver Island, like Tofino and Coombs, Cumberland has kept its quaint quietude. So much so that it may be hard to find accommodation, though I highly recommend camping on Comox Lake.

If you have a cooler, stop on your way and pick up some fresh seafood to make in camp. There’s nothing like the smell of sizzling garlic butter mixing with the sound of water lapping the shore.

seafood in cumberland BC

14 Things to Do in Cumberland

Look here for up-to-date Cumberland news and events.

How to get to Cumberland from Vancouver, B.C.

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birdlife cumberland bc

Vancouver Island flora

Vancouver Island old growth forest

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