“You’re Probably as Demented as Biden!… You’re a Brainwashed A$$hole!” – EPIC! Rudy Giuliani Tells Off Stupid Leftist at Israel Day Parade (VIDEO)

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani attended the Israel Day Parade on Sunday.

During the event, some witless Jew insulted Mayor Giuliani on his record of fighting crime in the Big Apple.

Rudy was not having it.  He stopped and confronted the uninformed leftist, “I reduced crime, you jackass…  You’re as demented as Biden…  You are a brainwashed a$$hole.”

You can hear someone else screaming, “You’re the best!” to Rudy at the same time.

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It is well known that Rudy Giuliani reduced crime significantly during this time as Mayor of New York City.

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