Yoel Roth’s Secret Twitter Account Revealed – Former ‘Head of Twitter Integrity’ Was Posting Photos of His Gay Hookups

Yoel Roth is the former head of Twitter site integrity and top censor for the social media giant.

Roth held the position until he left the company in early November.

Since then it has become apparent that Yoel Roth was behind much of the censorship of conservatives on the platform.

Earlier this month a Twitter Files report was released by journalist Matt Tiabbi. The latest drop included information on Roth and federal officials plotting against conservatives and blacklisting conservatives including President Trump. The federal government and social media interfered in the 2020 election to censor conservatives and promote liberal voices.

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This appears to be likely election interference and criminal conduct.

Elon Musk was confronted on the fact that for several years Twitter employees refused to take action on child exploitation. They were too busy silencing conservatives.

On Saturday Elon Musk suggested the blame may be with Yoel Roth.

Yoel Roth wrote his PhD thesis arguing in favor of children being able to access adult Internet services.

Yoel Roth also argued in favor of children having sex with their high school teachers. And Roth posted that on Twitter.

That might explain a lot.

Twitter sleuths recently discovered that Yoel Roth had a second Twitter account. Roth tweeted about this account previously back in 2011.

Roth called this his “secret dirty Twitter account.”

And he bragged that it was at least 60% dirtier than his main account.

And here we thought Twitter frowned on users opening several accounts?

In one post the gay Emergency Otter account posted a photo fo “hot otters” Yoel Roth and his bunk mate in the morning.

It is not clear who took the photo, Yoel or his Otter hookup.

Roth also posted several sexual tweets on his accounts over the years promoting gay porn and gay porn bareback.

Is it really a surprise that this guy censored Trump and conservatives?

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