YESTERDAY: TRANS Radicals Threatened Violence in TN Over Trans and Drag Queen Legislation…TODAY: Trans Person Reportedly Shot and Killed 6 People At Nashville, TN, Christian School

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Journalist Andy Ngô recently took to Twitter to call out far-left extremists and trans activists for threatening violence against GOP lawmakers who are working to restrict the medical transitioning of minors.

On Sunday, Ngô posted screenshots of a tweet in which a nihilistic trans rights extremist called for violence against Tennessee lawmakers after the state banned the medical transitioning of minors and drag performances where minors may be present.

Ngô wrote, “Far-left extremists & militant #trans activists are threatening to injure or kill lawmakers in Tennessee as revenge for the state banning the medical transitioning of minors. Their violent threats have surged in recent weeks.”

One Twitter user, @BlackheartSora, who is a self-described “trans girl demon femboy girltwink,” posted a screenshot of a news story about the recent Tennessee legislation, saying, “this is what genocide looks like.”

Another Twitter user, @nihilistigf161, who is “anti-civ,” “post-left,” a “queer nihilist,” and an “indigenous-egoist,” replied saying, “these people forcing youth to detransition have names and addresses.”

Someone else replied, “You let me know where I can get my hands on ricin then we’re in business.”

These Twitter users are actively suggesting violence against lawmakers and potential assassination. Such threats should be taken very seriously by the US federal government.

This disgusting tweet has since been deleted by its author.

However, the very same account has posted other disturbing content that calls for violence from the trans community. On Sunday, the Twitter user posted a quote saying:

“Many blame queers for the decline of this society – we take pride in this. Some believe that we intend to shred to bits this civilization and it’s moral fabric – they couldn’t be more accurate. We’re often described as depraved, decadent and revolting – but oh they ain’t seen nothing yet.”

The day after these radical extremists called for violence, a trans-28-year-old carried out a mass shooting at a Christian school in Nashville, killing three young students and three teachers.

Audrey (Aiden) Hale

On Monday, Ngô posted another tweet about violence being encouraged in the trans community by Democrats and the mainstream left, saying,

“In recent months, rhetoric about carrying out ‘revenge’ & ‘vengeance’ on society for some states restricting the medical transitioning of minors has surged. Through my reporting on #Antifa, I’ve long observed that disproportionate numbers of violent Antifa members are #trans. Still, their rhetoric has become more openly violent recently as they feel emboldened by Democrats & the mainstream left.”

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