Worker Holds Trump’s Hand and Prays for Him in Visit to Columbia, South Carolina Restaurant, Zesto (Video, Photos)

President Trump spent a full day on the road Saturday, traveling to give speeches in New Hampshire and South Carolina for his 2024 presidential campaign.

Trump finished the day with a retail politics stop at the iconic Zesto of West Columbia restaurant in South Carolina where he was well received and even prayed over.

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Dan Scavino posted a video showing some of the visit.

Another Trump aide, Margo Martin, posted video of a Zesto worker taking Trump’s hand and praying for him.

Jason Miller posted photos, as did several reporters:

The New York Times’ Doug Mills for the win:

Mills also posted this gem from New Hampshire:

Trump spoke about potential GOP rivals to reporters on Trump Force One on the flight from New Hampshire to South Carolina, reported CNN’s Kristen Holmes:

And on embattled freshman Rep. George Santos (R-NY):

A lot of Americans are praying for President Trump.

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