With Inflation Rising, Get “Take Back America” 99.9% Pure Silver Coins

Every Econ 101 student knows there’s only one result from Joe Biden’s irresponsible spending bills and government money-printing: Inflation.

For a long time, everyday people have sought to protect themselves from inflation with precious metals.

We found the perfect way to save precious metals and say what needs to be done, all in one:

The “Take Back America” 99.9% pure silver coins from Disme Coins (by ordering through this link and the links below, you’ll be supporting and benefiting Gateway Pundit).

This is a limited edition coin:

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Only 4,500 of this coin will ever be made.

From Disme Coins:

Here at Disme Coins, we have taken great pride in our American Made products with American Supply Chains. This country used to be so much more than what it is today and that is what the MAGA movement represents to us. President Trump made the public aware of how the American Dream and ingenuity are dying and if we do not Make America Great Again now there might not be the chance ever again. We will continue to come out with “controversial” designs that commemorate President Trump and all of his accomplishments.

Here are the details for these high-quality silver coins:
– Composition: 99.9% Fine Silver (Ag)
– Country of Manufacture: United States of America
– Diameter: 39 mm (1.53543″)
– Edge: Reeded
– Mint: Highland Mint
– Packaging: Plastic Capsule (20 – Tube)
– Strike: Proof Like
– Thickness: 2.9 mm (0.114173″)
– Weight: One Troy Ounce (31.103 Grams)

Click here to order yours now – there will be a limited number of this coin made.

Here’s the reverse side:

Check out what others have said about Disme coins:

“All of the coins have been perfect” – Brian

“Beautiful, well-detailed, and high-quality rounds. Much nicer than those offered from other vendors. Their customer service is top-notch. Disme Coin Co is the only place to consider if you are looking for a uniquely designed silver or copper coin.

“What can I say … there’s no better Trump coins than the Disme Coins” – Cristopher

You’ll find everyone loves the feel and heft of these collector’s coins.

Disme Coins is an America-First collector coin company who has their coins minted at the Highland Mint. Collectors know the Highland Mint produces the Super Bowl coin each year and mints coins for all the major sports leagues.

Here’s more information from Disme Coins: 

Each one of our coins comes with a direct fit capsule. This will make sure that these precious coins are protected not just through shipping but also against liberals who would seek to destroy anything with President Trump.

All of our coins and products are made right here in the USA by amazing hard working American Citizens. Please know that your collection of coins goes to Making America Great Again and as we grow we will Keep America Great.

Purchasing through this link directly supports the work of the Gateway Pundit.

ORDER NOW: Whether you want these collector’s coins for yourself or you want to give it as a gift, NOW is the time to get yours!

Order TODAY by clicking here!

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Thank you!

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