Wisconsin Lawmakers Introduce Common Sense Legislation that Forces State to Scrub Voter Rolls of some 3.6 – 3.8 million Inactive Voters

Guest post by Jefferson Davis

Thanks to the courageous move of Senator Jacque (R-DePere) and Rep. Bodden (R-Hilbert), in what should have been a legislative no-brainer idea for many years now, these two brave men have bucked Leadership to introduce a bill (See attached LRB-0760/1) that would completely scrub My Vote WI (Under the auspices of the Wisconsin Election Commission Home (wi.gov)) of its approximate 3.6 -3.8 million extra ineligible “inactive” non-registered voter names that are, for some unexplained reason, co-mingled with the approximate 3.6 million eligible “active” registered voter names.

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The “inactive” designation for My Vote WI means a person’s name is on the voter rolls, but not on the poll books for elections due to moving, death, being a felon, being declared incompetent, registered in another state, fraudulent citizenship or made inactive through Wisconsin’s rarely enforced “voter maintenance record” law after 4 years of no voter activity (Search Wisconsin Elections Commission).

A growing number of states are terminating their voter maintenance contract with ERIC (FINAL VERSION-1.27.22 ERIC PR.pdf (la.gov)).

Let’s hope Wisconsin will follow suit soon with new legislation.

Even More Notoriety for My Vote WI

My Vote WI gained even more notoriety in 2022 when two very highly publicized events took place that demonstrated the vulnerability and how easy it was to compromise the voter database.

The first event involved accessing My Vote WI to request having voter absentee ballots sent to an address that the voter did not live at (AMENDED: Fraudulent Absentee Ballot Requests

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