WHY WE CAN’T LET THEM STEAL… Floyd Brown: I Don’t Care if It’s DeSantis or Trump – Without Arizona There is No Path to Winning the Next Presidency (VIDEO)

On Saturday Western Journal founder Floyd Brown joined Steve Bannon on The War Room to discuss the recent developments in Arizona.

Earlier this month Democrats and RINO Republicans were able to suppress enough voters to steal the midterm elections in the state for Kari Lake and Democrats.

Floyd Brown reminded The War Room that if Arizona is stolen then Republicans will have an impossible task to win in 2024. If Democrats continue to violate our elections and ballots then there will not be another Republican president in 2024 or ever.

Floyd Brown: On Election Day… We had a complete disaster. Complete malfeasance in Election Day voting and literally thousands of people left the polls. Here in my neighborhood, there was a three-hour wait… Everyone out here knows Kari Lake won the election fair and square but they’re doing everything they can to be able to stop her from taking over as governor… Kari Lake is one of the most talented politicians or spokesmen for the MAGA movement, period. She is an unbelievably gifted communicator… It’s very vital Steve. The truth is if we don’t control Arizona there is no pathway for any Republican, I don’t care if it’s DeSantis or Trump or any other possible candidate. Without Arizona there is no path to winning the next presidency.

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Democrats are very proud of themselves for finding a way through bloated voter rolls, mail-in ballots, phoney voters, ballot drop boxes, and voter suppression on Election Day to steal any election at will.

Via The War Room.

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