“We Will Not Enable Escalation of Conflict That May Lead to WW3” – Elon Musk Tells Off Leftie Astronaut Scott Kelly – Tells Him to Quit Swallowing Media BS

Former NASA Astronaut and US Navy Captain Scott Kelly, a committed leftist, took to Twitter to plead with Elon Musk to help prevent the “genocidal invasion” of Ukraine.

Scott Kelly, whose brother Mark is a US Senator from Arizona, is a tool of the left and supporter of escalating the war in Ukraine.

Kelly wants Elon Musk to allow his Starlink satellites to ramp up functionality and assist the Biden regime and NATO in their war on Russia.

Elon did not mince his words in his response, telling Kelly to quit swallowing the lies from the media and other propaganda BS.

What great advice.

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Elon Musk then added that SpaceX terminals are meant for private use not military use and that his company is trying to do the “right thing” in an extremely difficult situation.

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