“We May Never Know” If China Has Blackmail Material on Joe Biden – Gordan Chang

Gordon Chang joined Steve Malzberg to discuss the potential that China has blackmail material on the Bidens.

Steve Malzberg has been talking about the issues that matter for over 40 years on WABC and WOR Radio in NYC, as host of The Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV, and as host of “Eat The Press” on RT America.  He’s now again on the radio at TNTRadio.live.

This week, Malzberg invited on his show, China expert and author of, “The Coming Collapse of China”, and “The Great U.S.-China Tech War”, Gordon Chang.  Chang says we will most probably never know if the Chinese government has threatened to or is currently blackmailing President Joe Biden, with the information they may have on his son Hunter, who spent time and did business in China.

Speaking to Steve Malzberg on his TNT Radio show, Chang weighed in on a claim by former Hunter Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski that, “Our national security was compromised by the Biden family. The Biden family was doing business with the Chinese Communist Party.”

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Chang explained:

“When we talk about money, money always leaves a trail, so eventually competent investigators will be able to get to the bottom of that. The more important issue is one which we may never know about. We know that Hunter Biden is a troubled individual, that’s by his own admission. We know he was on Chinese soil. If he did something compromising there, the Ministry of State Security will have evidence of it and they can use that to blackmail Joe Biden. And that we may never know, because that’s the type of thing that is either in Biden’s mind…where he’s trying to soft-pedal things, (going easy on China) because he knows what could come out if they disclosed it, or the Chinese have actually said it to him in a private conversation. So these are things that I have no confidence that we will find the answer to. But on the money, money leaves evidence, we’ll find that.”

Listen to Gordan Chang starting at the 7:50 minute mark below:

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