WATCH: Florida Sheriff Condemns Uvalde Police Response, Issues Warning to Potential School Shooters: ‘We’ll Shoot You Graveyard Dead’

Polk County Florida Sheriff Grady Judd has condemned the inaction of law enforcement in Uvalde, Texas, and said that unlike there — potential school shooters will be shot in his county on sight.

Sheriff Judd said that the hour the shooter was allowed to continue his massacre inside the school was “unacceptable” and that it left him “mortified” and “heartbroken.”

“When you take your children to school healthy and well in the morning, you have every right and expectation to receive them back in the afternoon in the same healthy state,” the sheriff told Spectrum News.

Sheriff Judd said that there are too many agencies across the nation that are not prepared to handle a school shooter, but that his isn’t one of them.

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“If you come to a school in this county, armed, we’re going to do our best through either our guardians, our school resource officers, or our school resource deputy sheriffs to eliminate the threat outside of the school before they ever get to the children. We’re trained to do that,” Sheriff Judd said.

“Quite frankly, here’s the deal. We’re going to charge directly to the threat. There’s no mustering, there’s no gathering up, we go individually to the threat and engage him.”

The sheriff said that “if they’re shooting at us, they’re not shooting at the children. Now, we don’t want to be shot either, but given the choice of being shot and killed on the ground or there’s children dying — we’ll die every time.”

The sheriff also held up a picture of a deputy pointing a gun.

“This is the last thing you’ll see before we put a bullet through your head if you’re trying to hurt our children. We are going to shoot you graveyard dead if you come onto a campus, with a gun, threatening our children or shooting at us.”


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