WAKE UP AMERICA – You’ve Got a Special Counsel Connected to Soros Using Soros-Funded SOSs to Take Down President Trump

AMERICA, a Special Counsel created by President Trump’s enemies led by a man who is connected to George Soros himself, is attacking President Trump using corrupt Soros-backed SOSs.  There is nothing legitimate about any of this. 

George Soros was on 60 minutes years ago from of all places, Ukraine, when he shared that he helped the Nazis steal from Jews in World War II  – he summed up his activities with if he didn’t do it someone else would.

Somehow after World War II, George Soros obtained US citizenship.

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Since 2016 Soros has been behind numerous protests in the US against President Trump.  Innocent Americans and others are listening to the corrupt media and turning up at these events to protest and riot against America.

Nazi Collaborator, Democrat Donor and Billionaire George Soros Behind (Past and) Latest Protests

President Trump was never convicted in the scam Russia collusion investigation because there was no collusion and President Trump did nothing wrong.

As a result, the Deep State manipulated our media, Big Tech, and the election process to award an uncertifiable election to Joe Biden.  This was the only way they could beat Trump – to steal from him and the American people and show their colors.

Now that President Trump has announced that he will run again in 2024, the corrupt Deep State actors who listen more to George Soros than follow the law, are after President Trump again.

This time the Deep State has employed a DOJ goon connected to George Soros with a checkered anti-conservative history.

BREAKING: Biden Special Counsel Smith’s Wife and Mother-in-law Connected to George Soros – Unheard of Conflicts of Interest

Yesterday, Mr. Smith requested documents from two of the most corrupt SOSs in the history of this country, Arizona’s Katie Hobbs and Michigan’s Jocelyn Benson.

Special Counsel Jack Smith Subpoenas Secretaries of State in Michigan and Arizona in Fishing Expedition Related to 2020 Election

We’ve written about Benson’s connections to George Soros.

To No One’s Surprise – Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson Is A Product of a George Soros Secretary of State Program from 2010

Arizona’s Secretary of State Hobbs did all she could to destroy the proposed Maricopa County 2020 Election Audit.  She’s been a terror against free and fair elections having recently certified the 2022 Midterm election that was broken in Maricopa County, giving herself the governor’s race in the process.

Soros-Linked Arizona Sec. of State Sends Letter to Maricopa Audit Team In Another Attempt to Shut Down the Audit – What Are Democrats Scared Of?

Now a Soros-connected “Special Counsel” is using Soros-backed Secretaries of State to attack and take down President Trump.

America Wake Up – this is so wrong.  We want free and fair elections and free and fair investigations and free and fair courts – this is none of that.  This is a show trial. 

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