Virginia’s New AG Jason Miyares DESTROYS CNN’s Shameless Hack Jim Acosta Who Bizarrely Accused Him of Being a Communist (Video)

There’s a new AG in Virginia and he is putting the people first.  He knows what it means to live in a communist country and is determined not to let it happen in Virginia.

Virginia’s new Attorney General started with a bang and fired 30 corrupt attorneys on the state’s payroll and announced major investigations the moment he was sworn in.

Virginia’s New Attorney General Fires 30 Staff Members, Announces Major Investigations within Hours of Taking Office

CNN’s loathsome reporter accused the incoming Republican leaders in Virginia of being communists earlier this week.

Acosta is one of the most shameless ‘reporters’ out there.  This gas-lighting from the communist left didn’t sit well with the incoming AG in Virginia.

Redstate reported on the exchange AG  Jason Miyares had on Hannity the other night.

“I think what Jim Acosta said — listen, my family fled Communist Cuba. You want to talk about what ‘Soviet-style’ looks like? It’s the opposite of freedom,” he said. “My mother has distinct memories of being forced to take classes in Marxist-Leninism.”

Miyares also disclosed that his uncle, Angel Miyares, had been arrested in the dark of night by now-deceased dictator Fidel Castro’s secret police and detained without due process — and that his parents later had their home “nationalized: in the name of fairness and equity.”


“What we have said is parents matter. Listen, if you’re a parent and you want to mask your child for six, seven, eight hours a day, you absolutely have that right. That’s your individual decision,” he said. “The great irony of all this, is in Soviet-style communist states like Cuba, the state diminishes parents. They say, ‘Your loyalty is to the state,’ and parents have less control. This is about parental empowerment.”

Here is the exchange.

When communists call you communist, they have nothing else.  This is why Republicans swept through Virginia this past election.

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