US Hero Marine Veteran Shot in Head in Palestinian Terror Village, Takes Out Attacker

The Sterns’ car was riddled with bullets on Highway 60 Sunday

US Marine veteran David Stern and his wife Rachel were attacked by an Arab terrorist with a home-made submachine gun in the terror hotbed of Huwara yesterday. Hit in the head and shoulder, martial arts expert Stern then shot the terrorist through the windshield, who fled and was subsequently eliminated by the Israeli Defence Force.

“David Stern, a resident of the Israeli West Bank settlement of Itamar, was driving through the village with his wife when a Palestinian gunman shot at their car”, Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports. “Stern was hit in his head and shoulder and fired back at the attacker, according to Israeli reports. He was taken to a hospital and his condition has since stabilized. His wife has also been treated for traumatic shock.” Both David and Rachel are US-Israeli dual citizens who moved to Israel 2005.

David Stern 2011 in his Krav Maga Dojo in Itamar

“Stern is well known as a martial arts instructor in Itamar, a settlement of about 1,400 that in 2011 was the site of a brutal murder of five members of a Jewish family inside their home. He had taught one of the family members, 11-year-old Yoav, and told Ynet, an Israeli news source, in 2012 that many families in the settlement viewed self-defense classes like his as “an existential matter.” According to Ynet, Stern served in the Marines for four years and grew more religiously observant because of the influence of a military chaplain.”

The Israel Guys were on the scene and described the Marine veteran’s heroic fight:

Cowardly Biden Ambassador to the Holy Land Tom Nides failed to condemn the attack or call for the Palestinian Authority to end the terror campaign.

Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan called on weak coward Nides to visit the Stern family in the hospital.

“I call on the American Ambassador to come here now, to the hospital, to enter the room with me, to look him in the eyes, and to give answers, to explain. From here, I demand that the US government stop the hysterical pressure on the Israeli government against the IDF’s effective military operations, against the defense establishment, against the Jewish settlement in Samaria, which the despicable terrorist attacked today,” Dagan said. “This resident, this hero, is a living hero, the glory of Samaria, who protected his wife by himself, a man of martial arts and an educator. As the despicable terrorist shot at him and he was injured by the shooting, he pulled out his weapon and returned fire. With his presence of mind, he saved his own life and his wife’s life; he’s an Israeli hero, a Samarian hero. The settlement in Samaria is strong,” Dagan continued.

The terror outpost of Huwara is the place two brothers, Hallel and Yagel Yaniv, were also killed driving on Highway 60, Feb. 28, followed by clashes between Arab terror supporters and Israeli protestors. The fake news media claimed Huwara was burned down and Arabs were killed by Jewish “settlers”. The Israel Guys revealed this to be be bunk, and the terror outpost is obviously still there:

The Israel Guys: Did you Know American Tax Dollars Are Paying Terrorists?

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