University of Colorado: Assume Everyone Is Trans – Greet New Acquaintances as “They, Them, Theirs”

This is what they, them, theirs are teaching your kids.

The University of Colorado is encouraging students to greet all new acquaintances as if they are confused transgenders and use the pronouns “they, them, and theirs” which is improper English, but whatever.

The university wants you to assume everyone is trans.

A very generous study released in 2022 found that around 0.5% of the population is transgender.  That seems a bit high.  But the University of Colorado wants you to pretend everyone is trans.

We also know as progressive leader Bill Maher pointed out that the number of trans individuals in society continues to climb as the legacy media continues to push the idea on children.

The Washington Free Beacon reported.

Colorado’s top public university says that people should address new acquaintances as transgender until otherwise instructed and that ignoring someone’s pronouns is “an act of violence.”

“Sometimes people just don’t want to share their pronouns and that’s fine,” says the University of Colorado Boulder’s “pronouns” guide. “Usually it’s safe to use they/them/theirs unless that person tells you otherwise.”

“It is never safe to assume someone’s gender and living a life where people will naturally assume the correct pronouns for you is a privilege that not everyone experiences,” the guide says.

These are just some of the directions from University of Colorado Boulder’s Center for Inclusion and Social Change, which also claims that terms like “ze” and “zir” are legitimate ways to refer to people. Boulder is the flagship University of Colorado campus and also the largest, with more than 36,000 students.

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