Under the Radar Economic Indicators Are Flashing Warning Signs Not Seen Since 2008 and Before

The US economy is not nearly as close to the robust economy that the Mainstream Media wants you to believe it is. 

The US Government came out with another very questionable estimate of US GDP in January.  For some time, since the Obama years, we’ve questioned the accuracy of government measurements.  It appeared to us that the Obama numbers always errored up while under Trump economic results were adjusted down.

But even with bogus reporting the government entities that create economic estimates and reports couldn’t downplay President Trump’s results enough to ignore the results of his policies.

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In January the Bureau of Economic Analysis claimed that GDP was up by 2.9% in the 4th Quarter but this makes no sense.

Then looking closer at the numbers it was noted that Americans’ disposable income decreased the most in 2022 since 1932 and the Great Depression.

But there is more.  One commodity that economists rarely think of is cardboard.  According to Markets Insider cardboard box shipments are at the worst they’ve been since 2009:

An under-the-radar economic indicator is flashing a warning signal to the broader economy as consumer spending slows down. The indicator in question? Cardboard boxes.

According to data from the Fibre Box Association, US cardboard box shipments declined 8.4% in the fourth-quarter, representing the largest quarterly decline since the second quarter of 2009, amid the Great Financial Crisis.

Cardboard boxes are an overlooked barometer of the health of the economy as they are a massive component of  consumer spending. Whether its ecommerce or shipping bulk goods to stores, cardboard boxes play a role.

Demand dropped for cardboard boxes at a time when elevated inflation and high interest rates started to impact the spending habits of consumers. Retail sales have fallen in three of the past four months, which encapsulated the usually busy holiday spending season.

Computer chip sales are also way down.  This past week Intel Corp was warning of one of its worst quarters coming up.

Intel Corp. is forecasting one of the worst quarters in its history, touching off a broader selloff of chips companies as a slowdown in personal-computer sales ravages the industry.

The Mainstream Media that continues to lie to Americans every day is at it again.  The economy is not nearly as strong as the pundits would like you to believe.  But then again this is the gang that told you Obama’s economy was strong, Hillary was good, Trump was a Russian puppet, COVID lockdowns were necessary and the 2020 Election was the most secure in US history.  None of which was true.

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