UK Migrant Processing Center Ablaze After Attack

A man threw a “petrol bomb” out of a car at a Dover immigration center in the UK before allegedly killing himself. Border personnel and police are investigating the incident.

The center processes migrants coming across the English Channel before they are sent to a larger facility.

According to the Daily Mail:

A ‘laughing’ man hurled three petrol bombs at a Dover immigration centre before driving to a nearby petrol station to ‘kill himself’, with an army bomb squad then moving in to inspect the car over fears of more explosives.

The attacker, a white man wearing a checked shirt, drove up to the centre in a white SEAT sports utility vehicle.

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He threw three petrol bombs with fireworks, one of which did not go off, a photographer said.

He then drove to a nearby petrol station and killed himself, it was said. Police arrived minutes afterwards and cordoned off the area.

Witnesses at the scene described seeing the man laughing as he threw the bombs, as others reported hearing an explosion at the scene.

The incident came after almost 1,000 migrants arrived in the UK after crossing the Channel on Saturday.

Army bomb disposal units have been seen inspecting the car allegedly involved in the incident. Police have cordoned off a BP petrol station on the A20 opposite the Home Office immigration centre, formerly known as Tug Haven. Officers can be seen standing by a white 69-plate SEAT SUV – believed to have been driven by the suspect.

Britain’s Home Office has created a new plan called the New Plan for Immigration, in effect in 2022, for addressing asylum seekers and those who have entered the UK illegally.

According to the plan:

Under these New Immigration Rules UK 2022 for Illegal Immigrants, those who came to the UK illegally and those who have arrived in the UK after travelling through a “safe third country” such as Greece are going to be given fewer rights than before because of such actions.

This is because there has been an observation in the UK court system that there have been repeated criminal claims and appeals by foreigners who have not attained the right to be in the United Kingdom. This may result in a wastage of time and even resources, which in turn results in delays of hearings in the courts. The new immigration rules in the UK for illegal immigrants have been introduced with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

  • To alter and deal with those living in the UK without the legal right to be there. The new immigration rules in the UK from 2022 will easily remove illegal immigrants from the UK.

  • To ensure efficiency and fairness by guaranteeing that people with genuine needs are given genuine protection and support. This will make big changes.

  • Putting an end to people who illegally enter the UK.

Despite the new regulations, the debate regarding immigration has increased as the number of people crossing the Channel illegally has risen.

In 2021, the BBC reported  at this time last year, 3 October, 33,573 migrants crossed the English Channel, the highest number since tracking began in 2018, up from 28,526 in 2021 and  8,404 in 2020.

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