Two Examples of Russia’s Use of Drone Warfare

Seeing is believing. I am going to show you two videos that explain two different capabilities that drones give to the Russian military. Warning, these are graphic videos and will disturb the gentle souls among us. But I believe it is essential that you understand how drones are a game changer.

First up, a Ukrainian patrol moving through a town in the Donbas are spotted and targeted.

Ukrainian Patrol Targeted by Drone

The eye in the sky enabled the Russians to send missiles to a precise spot and kill the Ukrainian patrol. They were dead men walking and did not know it. But this is technology the United States used in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just shows the Russians can do it too.

The next video is remarkable and heartbreaking. It shows the Russians moving into Ukrainian trenches from the bottom of the frame. You will see Ukrainian soldiers scurrying back and forth from the top of the screen trying to stop the Russian advance. It appears this was shot in March–i.e., the trees are bare and the skies are grey. What should capture your attention is that the Russian troops are getting real time information from the drone about the position and activity of the Ukrainian soldiers trying to hold them back. The music that plays in the video is beautiful and heartrending.

This video encapsulates the horror of war and the incredible bravery of both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers. It did not end well for the Ukrainians. The music is by the band Elis.

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