Trump on E. Jean Carroll: “Her Cat is Named Vagina, the Judge Would Not Allow Us to Put That In… I – NEVER – MET – THAT – WOMAN!” (VIDEO)

E. Jean Carroll is a kook.

As The Gateway Pundit reported earlier — Back in June 2019 E. Jean Carroll sat down for an interview with Vanity Fair following her accusations against Trump. The article paints Carroll as a complete lunatic who painted her trees outside her log cabin and traveled the country with her blue-dyed poodle but not her cat, Vagina T. Fireball, who she left back at home.

E. Jean Carroll admits in the interview that Donald Trump did not “rape” her because she did not want to identify as a victim and did not want to give him power. She described their alleged confrontation as a “fight.” The woman is conflicted.

She then goes on to describe how she sexually harassed Roger Ailes.

You also confessed to sexually harassing Roger Ailes while you had a show on his cable channel America’s Talking. He is also on your list of hideous men, but was once a friend.

Oh, I did it. Every day I had a chance. I call him the pearl of his sex. Right on the air. I roll up my trouser legs. I would wait for the camera to come over. Then I would slowly pull up the right and then the left trouser leg. It would say Roger Ailes. I would say, “He’s my future husband.” It never stopped. I’d ask him to twirl for me. I adored him.

She sounds like a complete nut.

And now the left is so determined to take down Trump that they are using this very flawed and conflicted individual in such a serious lawsuit against President Trump.

On Wednesday night, President Trump was asked about the garbage charges against him by E. Jean Carroll. A jury concluded on Tuesday that Trump did not rape E. Jean Carroll but he still owed her $5 million.

Trump responded to CNN hack Kaitlyn Collins, “My poll numbers went up, and they went up with the other fake charge, too, because what’s happening is they’re doing this for election interference. This woman, I don’t know her. I never met her. I have no idea who she is. I had a picture taken years ago with her and her husband. Nice guy, Johnson. He was a newscaster, very nice man. She called him an ape. Happens to be African American. Called him an ape. The judge wouldn’t allow us to put that in. Her dog or her cat was named ‘Vagina.’ The judge wouldn’t allow to put that in all of these things. But with her, they could put in anything. Access Hollywood.

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