Trevor Noah Cries While Signing Off ‘Daily Show’ for the Last Time (VIDEO)

Trevor Noah gave a tearful farewell message on his final episode hosting The Daily Show on Thursday night.

The show had long struggled to maintain even a fraction of the viewers that it had when it was hosted by Jon Stewart.

Noah, who hosted the show for seven years, signed off by thanking viewers.

“Don’t be sad,” Noah said. “It doesn’t feel like seven years. Well, not at the desk. Obviously, I went home in between. But still, it’s been a wild ride.”

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Noah, who is South African, said that being foreign brought an outsider’s perspective to the show.

“I would never pretend to understand America, you know, in the relatively short time I think I’ve been here,” said Noah, before listing the things he has learned.

The host encouraged people to stop looking at issues through the lens of Democrat or Republican.

“As we live in a society where we increasingly introduce ourselves to things that separate us, we forget that real friendships come from the similarities, and then the disagreements are how we polish each other as human beings,” he said.

“Issues are real, but politics are just an inventive way to solve those issues,” Noah continued. “It’s not a binary. There are not just two ways to solve any problem. There are not just two ways to be.”

The host, surprisingly, praised Trump for his prison reform efforts.

Noah credited black women, specifically his relatives, for his success. He said that they took the time to “inform me, to educate me, to argue with me.”

“I’ve often been credited with, you know, having these grand ideas … Who do you think teaches me? Who do you think has shaped me, nourished me, informed me. From my mom, my gran, my aunt – all these Black women in my life,” the host said.

“If you truly want to learn about America, talk to Black women,” he continued.

The reason for Noah’s departure, and whose decision it really was, remains unclear — but ratings were down 75 percent from when Stewart was on the air.

When Noah announced that he would be leaving the show in October, former President Donald Trump responded with jabs.

“Trevor Noah was a waste of time, no talent, no anything,” Trump wrote in a post on Truth Social. “Jon Stewart was only slightly better, but highly overrated. Comedy Central should focus on comedy and not politics, because they’re not very good at it. If these characters ever went neutral or Conservative, they’d double and triple up the ratings—but nobody’s figured that out except me! Congratulations to John Nolte for his unique brilliance and insight.”

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