Tony Podesta, Given Immunity by Mueller Gang, Now Making Millions from Chinese Telecom Company Huawei

The Daily Caller reports:

Democratic lobbyist Tony Podesta has earned at least $1 million to lobby the White House on behalf of Huawei, a Chinese technology and telecommunications company blacklisted under the Trump administration.

Podesta, brother of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign chairman John Podesta, received $500,000 from Huawei to lobby the Executive Office of the President between October and December of 2021, according to lobbying disclosures filed late Thursday. Huawei first hired Podesta in July 2021 and paid the long-time Democrat operative $500,000 to lobby the White House from July to September 2021.

Here’s the filing:

Tony Podesta previously did some work for Huawei where he managed to prevent a Huawei executive from being extradited after lobbying the Biden gang.

Huawei Paid Tony Podesta $500K To Lobby Biden Admin, Then Huawei Executive’s Extradition Was Dropped

Before this, we last heard of Tony Podesta during the criminal Mueller investigation.  The Podesta brothers worked with Paul Manafort in Ukraine.  Manafort actually worked for them.  But when Mueller went after President Trump, his team gave Tony Podesta immunity and put Manafort, who was President Trump’s campaign manager for a short period of time, in solitary confinement.

NEVER FORGET: Dirty Cop Mueller Gave Tony Podesta Immunity to Testify Against Manafort After Committing Same Exact Crime

Tony Podesta also did work in Turkey, the same work as General Flynn, and Flynn was indicted while Podesta walked free.

TWO-TIERED JUSTICE: Mike Flynn and Tony Podesta Did Same Work for Turkey, Both Filed Retroactively — Flynn’s Life Is in Tatters As Podesta Walks Free

Now Tony Podesta is making millions for a Chinese corporation that has conflicts with US national security.

Let’s face it Biden’s gang doesn’t care about national security.  They care about money. 

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