Today Dinesh D’Souza and True the Vote Released Explosive Video of Massive Ballot Trafficking Fraud in 2020 Election — And Predictably Kevin McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel Ignored the News — WHOSE SIDE ARE THEY ON?

As reported earlier, Dinesh D’Souza released the trailer today for “2,000
True the Vote has been working with Dinesh D’Souza to create a bombshell movie that uses footage they obtained of ballot boxes in key states across America to steal the election in 2020.

100 Percent Fed Up reports – Using geo-tracking devices, True the Vote was able to take footage from drop boxes across America in key states like Georgia and others to track over 2,000 ‘mules” wearing gloves and disguises to stuff ballot boxes. The trailer is explosive. The footage captures on camera the massive fraud of the 2020 presidential election.

You would think that after such undeniable proof of massive voter fraud the GOP leaders would be shouting from the rooftops right now!

But that is not the case.

** GOP leader Ronna Romney McDaniel does not even mention the video on her Twitter page.

** Likewise GOP Leader of the House Kevin McCarthy has nothing up on his Twitter page.

** Senate GOP leader Mitch McConnell has not updated his Twitter account in days.

These Republican “leaders” completely ignored this absolutely stunning news.
Do they even care about voter fraud?
Do they even care about the future of the country?
Do they give a rat’s ass what their voters want?

Trump supporters are tired of these lightweight traitors.

Trump spokeswoman Liz Harrington posted the video.
They get it.

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