‘They Despise Everything We Stand For…They Hate That We Love God’: J6 Political Prisoner Dominic Pezzola

‘They Despise Everything We Stand For…They Hate That We Love God’: J6 Political Prisoner Dominic Pezzola Rebukes Communist Jurors For Obliterating The First Amendment ‘They Are Going To Regret This Decision.’

When Dominic Pezzola enlisted to serve as an infantryman in the US Marine Corps, he never fathomed he would one day be held hostage by his own government for protesting.

Raging with anger in a six-by-eight-foot cage, Pezzola rebuked the communist left-wing jurors that found his “brothers” guilty of seditious conspiracy.

In reality, there was no conspiracy and the trumped-up trespassing charges amount to misdemeanors.

“Anyone who has been following closely knows that our trial was a complete sham and disgrace,” Pezzola told The Gateway Pundit on a government-surveilled call from a tablet in his cell. “The Constitution was completely shredded in our trial and the Constitution was actually re-legislated from the bench just so the prosecution can get their convictions.”

Prayers and all the facts and evidence proving there was no conspiracy or plan contrived among the Proud Boys or any other patriot group on January 6 would make no difference to communist jurors, warned the 45-year-old honorably discharged Marine gunner.

“Our jury was full of all radical leftists who were either an ‘LGBTQ’ supporter or a BLM supporter,” he said. “These are the type of people who hate everything we stand for,” he said.”They hate the fact that we love God. They hate the fact that we love our country. They hate the fact that we love our family. They despise everything we stand for.”

“The jury foreman was a drag queen, for Christ’s sake. Anyone who thinks you are going to get a fair trial in DC — it’s just never going to come true. Now that some of these jurors are starting to come out and talk about how they convict and everything — I am hearing the craziest shit — excuse me if I swear a little bit, but I am so heated after what happened to us.”

“The first day — the first day — of deliberation, they all had it in their head that we were guilty of sedition.”



Pezzola joined the Proud Boys just 30 days prior to January 6. He was the only defendant who was not found guilty of conspiracy.

“I beat it, but you know what, it’s a hollow victory for me. My brothers got convicted of it. It’s total bullshit,” he said. “I feel so terrible for them. My heart aches for them. I almost feel remorse for not being convicted with them. I feel like I should have been right there with them.”

During the so-called J6 insurrection, Pezzola, Nordean, Biggs, and Rehl were among a moderately calm crowd surrounding the Capitol building. A bike rack was pulled down by a handful of the protesters and the crowd proceeded to walk towards the building. Suddenly, police began shooting sting balls and throwing flash grenades.

As explosions erupted, Pezzola watched demonstrators bleed out after getting shot, including Joshua Black was shot in the face with a rubber bullet.

Pezzola grabbed a police shield that was vacant on the ground for protection. Incensed, he broke a window and entered the Capitol building. While in the building, demonstrators were told they were allowed to remain in the building if they were peaceful.

His attorney, Steve Metcalf told jurors during closing arguments that Pezzola was only tried alongside the leaders of the Proud Boys to further “muck” the other defendants, who committed no act of violence during the riot.

Pezzola was convicted of robbery of personal property of the United States, despite returning the police shield to police before leaving the Capitol ground, assault and five other felony charges that could result in a decade or more in prison.


Jury selection in the Proud Boys trial spanned nearly two months as attorneys vetted nearly ten dozen potential jurors. Every juror selected was a Black Lives Matter activist, attended the Women’s March and characterized the Proud Boys, a fraternity known for providing security at pro-Trump events and intervening when Antifa rioters attack patriots, as “white supremacists.”

Attorneys representing the five defendants persistently pled with presiding Judge Kelly to relocate the trial to a city that doesn’t have a 93 percent voting rate for Joe Biden, but he repeatedly refused.

The prospect of justice being served was slim to none, but the defendants prayed for a miracle, hoping at least one juror would see beyond corporate media’s narrative, set aside their loyalty to the Democrat party and consider the facts.

Just hours after the verdict was rendered convicting Tarrio, Biggs, Nordean, and Zehl of seditious conspiracy, one of the jurors, 63-year-old Andre Mundell, trashed the defendants in an interview with Vice.

Mundell claimed unrecoverable messages that were deleted in group chats prove the group’s leaders were conspiring to violently overthrow the government on J6 and deleted the messages to conceal the plan.

“That was what it boiled down to. What they had to say prior to Jan. 6 and the fact that they wanted to do so much in secret. And that’s why the government couldn’t present too much of the evidence that they had already deleted, because it was unrecoverable,” Mundell said.  “So, they didn’t they definitely didn’t want people to know. They didn’t want everybody to know the plan, the Proud Boys, because then I guess it would have gotten out. And they didn’t want it to get out.”

Mundell also claimed Tarrio, Biggs, Nordean and Zehl are guilty of the conspiracy charges because they did not censor angry rhetoric in the group chats.

“No one says, no, don’t do this. We’re not going to do this. There was none of that. And that was probably because they never said it. And the things that were affirming that they were going to be violent. They just kind of let it happen,” the juror told the publication. 

Biggs, Nordean, Tarrio and Zehl are only guilty of thought crimes and opposing the fascistic agenda of Antifa, drag queens activists and communists, Pezzola chided:

They said that there were missing messages, that they weren’t sure of, that look “suspicious.”

All throughout our trial, they would show these messages and it there would be “empty file,” empty file, empty file. These empty files were voicemail messages that didn’t come through. And so, it came up as ’empty file.’ And these people are thinking that we deleted evidence showing that there was some ‘big plan.’ There was no plan. It was totally ridiculous.

So, they said they ‘convicted on lack of evidence’ and they convicted because the other guys didn’t tell everyone in the Proud Boys group — they didn’t reprimand them for the things they were saying. I mean, it’s like the expected these four guys to sit on Telegram 24 hours a day and tell everyone, ‘No that’s not right,’ ‘That’s not right.’ I mean, they are grown men.

We have freedom of speech in this country. It’s such an embarrassment what happened.

My brothers were convicted for speech and thought crimes — that was it — because they thought a different way. They didn’t censor people who have free speech. I grew up in America where the thought was, ‘I may not agree with what you have to say but I will fight to the death for your freedom to say it.’ But we are not there anymore.

The left just thinks that they are never going to lose power and they think that they are going to be in this position forever and they are going to dominate. And I’m telling you, when and if we get control back, they are going to regret this decision because this is a whirlwind that is going to come back and hit them.”

Pezzola, who went by the pseudonym “Spazz” in the group was too dumb to adhere to a plan, Mundell concluded.

“He wasn’t the brightest bulb on the porch. And may not have been bright enough to really know about the plan,” he told the publication. “So I said, well, poor guy.  He should’ve listened to his father-in-law, who told him ‘don’t go.’”

The jury foreman, Michael Villafranca, is a lobbyist for the American Geophysical Union and a pangender activist.

Jurors were ordered by Judge Kelly to refrain from using social media for the duration of the trial, but Villanfanca continued to Tweet. He immediately deactivated his Twitter account after his identity was exposed by Lawfare reporter Roger Parloff.

The communist government’s persecution for thought crimes won’t end with J6 political prisoners being held hostage and tortured, it’s just getting started, Pezzola contends:

Every little deranged little BLM or Antifa or little shit that wants to go and burn the country down or attack a federal courthouse because some drug addict died in police custody or attacks the White House, they are all going to be on the hook for seditious conspiracy now. And all they did was help the federal government destroy our First Amendment rights a little bit more to the point where the First Amendment is under extreme attack right now, it’s under extreme attack.

I wish I could get the American people to understand that is not going to end with the five of us, this is coming for all of you. We all need to get off our asses and fight back, and I don’t mean fight in a violent way because I’m sure some d*** head FBI agent is going to listen to this and say, ‘Oh he’s inciting violence.’ No. I mean fight, start taking power back at the local level, the state level, even at the federal level.

We need people who love this country more than they love themselves and their bank accounts to start running things in this country.



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