“THAT RED LINE – ARE DEAD BODIES!” – FIREWORKS! Ted Cruz EXPLODES During Testmony From Sec. Mayorkas on Biden’s Open Border (VIDEO)

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

During his testimony Mayorkas deflected and refused to answer any serious questions. He was obviously not there to share the truth with the senators.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) would have none of it. Senator Cruz started screaming at Mayorkas for refusing to answer his questions. Mayorkas would deflected when asked about how many refugees had died on the way to the US and how the open border under Joe Biden made the country a more dangerous place to live.

Ted Cruz erupted when Mayorkas refused to answer about the growing number of dead migrants found dead at the border.

Ted Cruz: Has the crisis made aliens less safe? Yes or no?

Mayorkas: Senator, we are seeking…

Ted Cruz: So you won’t answer that question. Either it’s a yes or no. Has it made aliens less safe?

Mayorkas: Senator, smugglers are exploiting has the crisis made aliens yes…

Ted Cruz: Are you willing to answer it?

Mayorkas: Senator, the smuggling organizations okay, you’re filibustering.

Ted Cruz: Again, let me ask you this question. How many migrants have died under President Biden?

Mayorkas: Senator, your phrasing of the question is actually quite misleading…

Ted Cruz: How many migrants died in 2022 at or approaching our southern border?… Do you know how many died?

Mayorkas: I do not.

Ted Cruz: You do not? Of course you don’t. I know how many died. 853. That is 853. And by the way, here are the numbers that have died every year. You go back to 1998, you see it’s consistently between 304 hundred. 304 to 404 hundred. Suddenly, in 2021, what happens? You get in office, and that red line are dead bodies. I’ve been on the Rio Grande and I’ve seen dead bodies floating there who’ve drowned because of your refusal to do your job. You don’t even know how many have died. What do you say to the Texas farmers and ranchers who find pregnant ladies dead on their property, who find toddlers dead on their property? What do you say to them?

Ted Cruz brought the heat to today’s hearing.

Joe Biden and his henchman Mayorkas opened the US southern border to over 5 million illegals in their first two years in office. The open borders also brought along with it drugs and death.

If the plan was to destroy America – it’s working out perfectly.

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