“That is Well Outside of My Lane” – Buttigieg When Asked If Chinese Were Able to Gather Intelligence Hovering Over Nuclear Silos (VIDEO)

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union” to discuss the China spy balloon scandal with host Jake Tapper.

The exchange was painful to watch.

Pete Buttigieg has no idea what he’s talking about.

Jake Tapper asked Buttigieg to confirm if China gathered intelligence after it soared over the continental United States for a week straight.

TRENDING: Here is a List of the US Military Bases in the Path of the China Spy Balloon As it Traversed Across the Continental United States

The China spy balloon soared over nuclear silos and military installations for a week straight.

Joe Biden knew the high-altitude surveillance balloon entered US airspace in Alaska last Saturday yet he chose to stand down.

Biden told reporters that he ordered the Pentagon to shoot down the spy balloon on Wednesday when it was spotted over Billings, Montana – SEVERAL DAYS after he already knew the balloon flew over Alaska.

But he was told ‘let’s wait for the safest place to do it.’

“The presumption has got to be that the Chinese were able to gather intelligence hovering over the United States for day after day, especially over these sensitive sites?” Tapper said.

“That is well outside of my lane,” Buttigieg said.


Click here to see a list of military installations in the path of the China spy balloon.

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