THANK A DEMOCRAT: As Gas Prices Hit $4.34 per Gallon Experts See $4 Gas Until 2023

Gas prices reached a new all-time record high on Saturday morning.
The average gas prices jumped again to $4.34 overnight for a gallon of regular gas.
It was another Biden record.

And gas prices will not be going down anytime soon thanks to Democrats and Joe Biden.

Experts see $4 gas until 2023.
Democrats refuse to tap into the unlimited American oil reserves.
They would rather crush the poor and middle class.

And they’re going to try to blame this all on Putin.

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Via Good Housekeeping Yahoo.

After a new all-time historical record for the highest gas cost average in the United States — at $4.10 per gallon, continuing to rise up to $4.33 later in the week, according to the American Automobile Association (AAA)…

…AAA data suggests that the national cost of gas on average skyrocketed more than 55 cents per gallon in just a week, a dramatic climb that hasn’t been seen since the national recession of 2008, per the Hill. While experts firmly expect that steep, steady price increases will continue to be the reality for many Americans into early spring, data being collected by energy insiders suggests that most won’t see any sort of price break until the holiday season later this year.

Analysts at community-based service app GasBuddy, which experienced a crash earlier this week due to unprecedented demand, have revised their 2022 fuel price forecast based on millions of data points the service routinely turns over. Some may be surprised to hear that previous estimates earlier this year already projected increased averages across the board — but new estimates peg gas prices to crest at a national average of $4.25 later this May, a figure that’s already been surpassed recently. Currently, the national high for gas prices is over $7 in California, per AAA data, and metropolitan cities can expect to see similar hikes in the foreseeable future.

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