Texas Middle School Segregates Children By Hair Color as Part of a Disturbing “AntiRacism” Experiment – Dark-Haired Kids Praised – Fair-Haired Kids Harassed, Told They’re “Not as Intelligent”

We are at the point where nothing is surprising anymore when it comes to the sick degeneracy of the US public school system, however, some incidents are still just plain shocking when they pop up.

It’s no secret that the evils of critical race theory (CRT), a completely backward Marxist ideology that employs racism as its predominant teaching, are prevalent in classrooms across the country, but, a public middle school in San Antonio, Texas set a new bar when educators conducted a disturbing “antiracism” experiment with fifth-grade students.

The incident occurred in January at a still-unidentified school in the Northside Independent School District (ISD), in northwest San Antonio.

In an attempt to teach ten-year-olds about the “inequities” of “segregation,” teachers segregated the young children by hair color, subjected them to harassment and abuse, and then showed them an extremely graphic Spike Lee Documentary that included images of murdered black children, which even the woke school district admitted was “not age-appropriate,” according to News4 San Antonio.

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Once separated by their physical characteristics, the young children were reportedly placed in oppressor (dark-haired students) and oppressed (fair-haired students) groups, and encouraged to play out both sides accordingly by the evil activists they know as their teachers.

As part of the lesson, the “brown- and black-haired” children were lauded, given special treatment, and told that they were “privileged.” On the flip side, the “blonde-haired and redhead” children were harassed told that they were “not as smart.” The cruel teachers even passed out board games to each group, but the one given to the ‘oppressed’ children was missing game pieces, so they could not play.

In other words, torture the kids.

In addition to everything else, the fair-haired students were even forced to clean up after the “privileged” dark-haired group at the end of the day.

These people are EVIL monsters.

Predictably, the jaw-dropping, abusive lesson brought several of the fifth-grade children to tears, which caused massive backlash from parents in the district once they found out what had happened.

Several parents expressed their outrage over the lesson to News4 San Antonio:

“Mike and Brandi Lininger say their ten-year-old daughter was confused and hurt by a classroom experiment in January at Leon Springs Elementary. Students were separated according to hair color, with one group receiving preferential treatment.

“All of the dark-haired kids, the brown- and black-haired kids, were treated as the privileged ones and the blonde haired and the redhead kids were the ones treated not so nicely,” said Brandi Lininger.

The Lininger’s say teachers told students children in the fair-haired group were not as intelligent. That group was purposely given a game with pieces missing so they could not play. Later they were made to clean up after the other children.

“She was hurt, her friends, and she named to the principal and to district officials, names of her friends that were crying,” Brandi Lininger said.”

The school district where the incident took place, Northside ISD, declined requests for an interview but did issue a statement to News4. However, the district apparently ignored the nature of the lesson entirely, and instead focused solely on the inappropriate documentary that was shown to the students.

It shouldn’t have to be said that the video is simply the crux of the issue here. As of now, it is unclear if the twisted ‘antiracist’ racist lesson is still being taught in the district.

From Northside ISD, via News4 San Antonio:

“The activity and video in question were part of a larger fifth-grade project-based lesson around the inequity of segregation . . . While the campus did receive positive feedback from several parents . . . District and campus administration recognize the parent’s concerns and agree that the activity and video are not age-appropriate and will not be used again.”

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