Teen Brawls Break Out Inside San Francisco Mall – One Incident Shows Youths Jumping on a Man, Slamming Him to the Ground (VIDEOS)

San Francisco, California- Groups of teenagers engaged in brawls on multiple occasions inside a San Francisco mall recently.  These brawls have involved students kicking, punching, and stomping each other as well as innocent onlookers.

The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) told Fox news that three brawls took place at the Stonestown Mall, a popular teenage hangout between March 15-17.

One particularly disturbing incident happened at 4 pm inside a Target store last Friday. Video shows teenagers jumping on a man and then slamming him to the ground.


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As reported by CBS Bay Area, another shocking incident on Friday occurred when youths repeatedly kicked and stomped an individual on the ground in the Stonestown Galleria food court. Bystanders did absolutely nothing.

VIDEO (tune to the 1:07 mark):

The third brawl happened Wednesday when a fight broke out at the same Target store. A security guard can be seen in the midst of the chaos.

VIDEO (Tune to the :58 mark)

The shocking violence is frightening both mall workers and peaceful student patrons.

“I feel like I’m always watching over my back. If I mess with the wrong people, I’m always careful about what I say. If I know that they’re friends with those people that are involved in those things, I guard what I say. I don’t really feel safe at school,” 15-year-old Domenica Martinez told CBS Bay Area.

Food court vendor Guang Wei told the station he was “very scared” and says he cannot continue working at the mall.

“I’m very scared,” Wei said in Mandarin. “I cannot continue to do business here in this kind of environment.”

San Francisco police are beset by staffing shortages, leaving them unable to effectively deal with the horrifying violence. As Fox News reported, the SFPD employs 1,537 police officers, far below the recommended 2,182 officers.

The police shortage is largely related to San Francisco’s coddling of violent criminals, particularly by former City District Attorney Chesa Boudin. Why work in a city where the handcuffs are placed on you rather than the felons?

No arrests have been made relating to the incidents at this point and San Francisco police do not know where the students are from

“We have not determined where these youths are from and we are unable to confirm the schools these students attend,” police told Fox News.

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