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St. Louis Arch Shut Down Over Bomb Threat – Bomb Squad Sent to Arch Grounds

The St. Louis Arch was shut down on Friday. A bomb squad was sent to the grounds and officers are patrolling the grounds.

FOX2 repprted:

The bomb and arson squad is at the Gateway Arch. The Archgrounds is closed, according to a source familiar with the situation. Streets near the park are also closed for the investigation.

It is unknown at this time why the Arch is closed. Officers representing the National Park Service and the Bomb Squad are on the scene. One officer snapped a photo of something behind a garbage can. Other officers are patrolling the grounds.

Police tape stretches over a large portion of the Archgrounds. Investigators are on the scene and no other visitors can be seen in the area. A couple walking their dogs in the park was told to leave.

The 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks is next month.

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