SHOCKING NEW VIDEO Reveals Joe Biden’s Groping, Grooming and Dangerous Predatory Behavior with Children, Women and Young Boys

For years The Gateway Pundit has reported on the dozens of times Joe Biden has been caught on camera in public grabbing, groping, sniffing, and rubbing women children and little boys.

Joe Biden is widely known to grope, caress and sniff women and children — IN PUBLIC.

He even groped a little boy on camera not that long ago.

The fake news ignores this very obvious predatory behavior.

On Wednesday, Catturd2 linked to a recent video of child abuse expert Anthony Zenkus describing the behaviors of a child predator. His talk is interspersed with clips of Joe Biden groping, grooming, petting, grabbing, holding women, children and little boys.

The mainstream media refuses to report on this obvious predatory behavior of Joe Biden. They would rather see children scarred for life than report honestly about pervert Joe Biden. Remember that the next time they try to lecture you.

The fake news will NEVER report on this. They’ve ignored this for years to protect Joe Biden and Democrats. What awful people.

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