Seven Days Isn’t Enough: Reflections After Sentencing for My ‘Crimes’ On January 6th

Guest post by Shawn Bradley Witzemann (TMI) 


Shawn’s View of the West Side of the Capitol on January 6, 2021

Camper Trailer, Missouri — For better or for worse, it appears to be settled. I, Shawn Bradley Witzemann, have been convicted of a single Class B misdemeanor for Parading/Picketing in a Capitol Building on January 6, 2021. Consequently, I have been sentenced to 7 days of intermittent confinement (whatever that means), 2 years of probation, a $500 restitution payment to the Architect of the Capitol, and 60 hours of community service. Rest assured, I’ve learned my lessons and rehabilitation is well underway.

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To that end, let’s consider my “crimes.”

Video from inside the Capitol Rotunda, captured by Shawn on January 6, 2021

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Central to the Government’s Sentencing Memorandum was a carefully-curated collection of vulgarities — uttered by this foul-mouthed, degenerate journalist, hours after I’d left the hill. Just as I was on January 6th, I continue to be disgusted by the things I witnessed that day. My choice of  “disturbing” language, used to illustrate the facts, was mine to make — in whatever manner I deemed necessary. I had every intention to disturb those who listened. All who are reading these words, at this moment, had better start being disturbed.

As the great Johnny Rotten once so eloquently argued:

“How’re words offensive? And why should I have to tolerate YOUR interpretation? I’m the one using the word. ASK me how I’m using it, don’t TELL me. And if you don’t like the way I’m using it, so what? It’s my right. It’s my freedom of expression. Without that, we’re nothing but slaves.”

Infamous Punk Rocker, Johnny Rotten Goes Full MAGA in November 2020

My choice of vulgar descriptions for those ill-intentioned members of Congress were fully appropriate for the fucked up situation, and I will make no apologies for the things I have written or said. Separate from any subjective opinion, I’ve stated the irrefutable facts. It remains blatantly obvious to any objective observer that large portions of the Department of Justice (along with their partners in Congress and social media) maintain their monopoly on cowardice these days. These incredulous liars are terrified of the truth. Far be it from me to encroach on their territory.

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When recited by Assistant United States Attorney Christopher Amore, in his disingenuous quest to denigrate my intentions, these hand-selected obscenities were met with pre-determined pearl-clutching and other feigned horrors. According to the Honorable Judge Hogan, my opinion that then Commander in Chief Donald Trump should have invoked the Insurrection Act bordered on sedition. Indeed, in his mind, my plea, “Brother, stand with us!”, to a Capitol police officer likely comes close to treason.

Nothing could be further from the objective truth of the matter.

Nevertheless, I lay little blame at the feet of Judge Hogan for his woefully misinformed interpretation of reality, nor do I hold AUSA Amore fully responsible for his malicious attacks on the First Amendment to Our United States Constitution. In stark contradiction to AUSA Amore’s description of the “audacity” of my once undisputed claim that I was there as a journalist, it is a matter of fact that neither he, nor Judge Hogan, were the quintessential “man in the arena” on January 6th. Their understanding of events is second-hand at best — thoroughly propagated through the closed-minded circle of bourgeois bullshit, known as the beltway bubble. Without honest journalists who were there to actually document history, they, along with many other millions of Americans, retain absolutely zero chance of ever correcting their seemingly willful ignorance. How audacious, indeed.

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In February 2021, I was asked what the lasting legacy of January 6th might be. I pondered this question while observing the second impeachment of Donald Trump. That shameful display of congressional hypocrisy left me with a stark realization: Impeachment isn’t enough.

Those who conspired to defraud the American people of a free and fair election will never be satisfied with his removal from office. Indeed, nearly two years later, it has become obvious that the many illegitimate occupiers of the institutions of our government will stop at nothing to protect their regime from the single existential threat to their tenuous hold on power: Objective truth.

American awareness is their greatest enemy.

Shawn makes a statement at BLM Plaza on January 5, 2021

After voting “not guilty” in the second impeachment of Donald Trump, then-Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell went on to pontificate from his self-proclaimed position of moral exceptionalism: “January 6th was a disgrace. American citizens attacked their own government!” he explained, while doing his best to convey horror at his own statement, “They used terrorism to try to stop a specific piece of domestic business, they did not like!” Despite his contrived postulation, McConnell knows damned well that none of what he said was true. It is his words which established the foundation of a weaponized DOJ, along with a complicit D.C. judiciary. It is his words which provided political cover for the unprecedented, bi-partisan attack on free expression and the wholesale criminalization of American patriotism — all in the name of “Defending Democracy”.

In the many months since McConnell officially breathed life into the big lie of January 6th, many of we who lived that day continue to swim against the current of misinformation — dedicated to correcting the record — unrelenting in our quest for accountability and truth.

When investigating a crime, a simple question should always lead the way: “Who benefits?”. As I explained to Judge Hogan, it most certainly wasn’t me or the millions of others who wanted a ten-day investigation of legitimate claims of fraud. In fact, the breakdown of security at the U.S. Capitol disrupted that process — setting the stage to reconvene congress under political duress — forcing the certification of a fraudulent election.  It is that dereliction of duty that stands at the heart of the crime. It is that breach of public trust — that violation of constitutional principle — which continues to threaten any efforts to preserve our Republic.

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Screen Capture from Shawn’s Livestream on January 6, 2021  

In spite of all that has transpired, one very ugly fact remains: The 2020 election was stolen from the American people.

As I prepare to serve my sentence in accordance with the law, I reflect on what I’ve learned — confused by what purpose the government expects it to accomplish. When looking at the facts associated with my conviction, their intent becomes quite clear. In contradiction to their claims that they were simply serving justice, they seek to suppress my testimony. They seek to silence dissent — they seek to destroy the constitution — they seek to subvert the power of the People and subject future generations to unconscionable tyranny. Perhaps they made this decision without any understanding of who I am, or what lengths I’m willing to go to in defense of my children’s future. Perhaps I have not made myself clear.

Shawn and his boys, during better times in Spring 2021

So…I suppose I should further clarify.

Over the course of the last two years, I’ve lost nearly everything, including long-held relationships with both friends and family.  As my businesses became insolvent, I struggled to pay legal expenses and put food on the table. I was forced to sell my home and I’m now living in a camper trailer. Each passing week brings moments of panic as I scrape just enough money together to make my phone and truck payments. A mountain of debt looms large over every endeavor.  This sentencing and the associated probationary requirements encroach upon my entrepreneurial livelihood. They threaten to render me destitute and broken — beaten down and oppressed — to leave me unable to speak or pursue my career.

But make no mistake: I remain steadfast in my purpose.

Regardless of personal cost, I will continue to fight for the truth to be told. In defiance of any further persecution, I will not yield to the illegitimate tyranny that would desire to deprive me of my voice. Although I may bend in this storm that has enveloped me, I remain at even keel and steady on my course. I stand ready and willing to sacrifice my life upon the altar of freedom — in so many ways, I’ve already done so.

To those who would seek to silence me in order to further propagate their lies, I suggest you dispense with the pleasantries and put a bullet in my head. Hell…you may as well make it two.

Short of death, I will never shut my mouth.

Quite simply put: Seven days isn’t enough.

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